Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taylor & Michael's wedding-Pool party

On the day that Taylor & Michael got married we had about 5 hours to kill between leaving the lunch at El Torito's and the reception. So what were we to do?

Have a pool party at my house.

You see, Andrea's family didn't stay for the lunch at El Torito's and Jamey had tons of left over carne asada from an event he put on earlier in the week. Add to that, we were only having desserts at the reception. We needed to eat prior to going to the reception.

So I invited everyone in the Langston clan over to my house for a pool party & BBQ. Everyone came except for Jeannette, Jase and Danica. And Taylor & Michael didn't come as they were having photos taken at the beach.

It may have been cold & overcast down in San Diego at the temple. But up where Eric & I live, it was hot, hot, hot!!!! So the pool was a great way to cool off while waiting for the reception.

Here is Brandon, Nate, Andrea, Todd & Jodi. We have lived in our house for 5 years and I think this is only the 2nd time Brandon has actually gotten into the pool.

Simon had a diving ring on his head.

Jodi & Nate.
Jodi, Brandon & Nate.

Jesse, Brin (Jesse's girlfriend), Jamey, Andrea, ?, and Julianna were hanging out & talking.

Proof that Brandon was in the pool.

Cade & his cousin Brett (from his mom's side of family) came over to enjoy the pool.

Even Eric came. He didn't get to stay too long as he had to get home to take stuff to the reception. But they were able to swim for a little bit & grab at least one carde asada taco before they had to leave.
Mike hanging out waiting until he had to cook the carne asada that Jamey brought.

Mom sat by the sliding glass door so she could see everyone & not get wet. Plus inside the house was cooler than outside.

Everyone had fun visiting & playing. Even I got in the pool for awhile. Jodi took photos as well & posted them on her facebook.

Here are a couple of videos I took of Mari & Simon jumping or diving into the pool.

After swimming we ate carne asada tacos. They were so yummy. I totally forgot to take photos of the food.

We were getting kind of rushed after eating trying to get ready in time to be over at the reception by 6:30 for the ring ceremony.

All the girls wanted to take showers & blow dry their hair. The bad thing was, everyone tried blow drying their hair at the same time & blew the GFI. We couldn't get the GFI to reset so Andrea & Mari had to do something else with their wet hair since they didn't get to finish drying their hair. But they still looked good. Lucky for me, I had taken my shower & dried my hair earlier.

Another problem that came up was I was suppose to take over a bunch of glassware to use for the reception. They were going to use some glass cake plates & pedestals I had for putting the cupcakes & cake on. Since we were running out of time, I sent the box of glassware home with Eric. I knew he would get to the reception place before me.

But when I arrived at the reception place, Eric was there, but the box of glassware was not. He forgot about the box in the trunk and left the car for Jase to bring later. Jase finally arrived with the glassware & we were able to get the cupcake/cake area all set up before the reception started at 7pm, but not prior to ring ceremony at 6:30.

Tomorrow I will share reception photos. And then we shall be done with Taylor & Michael's wedding.

Until then.....

P.S. Jodi said we should have a pool party every time someone in our family gets married. What do you think?

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