Friday, September 3, 2010

Taylor & Michael's wedding-Temple

Warning!!! Lots of photos!!!

Saturday 08/14/10 was the day that Taylor & Michael got sealed for time and all eternity in the San Diego temple.

To those of you not Mormon, a temple sealing is the Mormon version of a wedding. At least for those temple worthy. But instead of being married to each other "till death do you part", you are sealed together as husband and wife for time and ALL ETERNITY. A big difference. So you better really love the person you are marrying. As Eternity is a long, long time.

Recap: Married inside temple-Eternal aka: Forever. Married outside temple-Till death aka: Temporary.

Here are the photos that I took that morning as we waited for Taylor & Michael to emerge from the temple.

As you can tell from the above photo, it was quite overcast that morning. Not to mention cold. Cold in San Diego, in August? Yup!

Here is Mari. Mari is Todd's daughter. So that makes her Taylor's cousin.

Brandon (my son) and Julianna (Todd's daughter) making funny faces to pass the time. They are also Taylor's cousins.

Anyone with Langston genes in them is prone to making funny faces for photos. Andrea's kids are usually the best (or would that be worse?) at making funny faces, but they were on their best behavior this day. Brandon & Julianna, not so much.

Jase is Taylor's older brother. He was a groomsman.

Danica is Taylor's older sister and was a bridesmaid.

My hubby Mike. So that makes him Uncle Mike.

Thought it would be fun to take a photo of some of our feet. Too bad my camera strap got in the way.

Cade & his girlfriend Tara. Cade is Taylor's younger brother, and a groomsman as well.

Taylor's bridesmaids. Don't ask me to name them all as I can't remember all their names. The girl in the black dress is Amanda & is Taylor's bestest friend. She was the maid of honor. They have been friends since elementary school (I think it's been that long).

I loved this photo as the professional photographer Kip (you know, the one who actually got paid for taking photos) jumped into the shot.

These 3 girls are Michael's nieces and they were junior bridesmaids.

These 3 girls are in Taylor's ward and are daughters of friends in the family. They were junior bridesmaids as well. I don't know any of their names. Sorry.

And I never did get a photo with all the bridesmaids, all the junior bridesmaids and the 3 groomsmen all together. My guess is that the professional photographer did. Just a guess though. When you get paid the big bucks you remember to take photos like that.

Brandon (my son) and Todd (my brother & uncle to the bride).

Noah is Andrea's youngest son. That makes him Taylor's cousin as well.

Andrea (my seester) & her husband Jamey aka: Beauty & the beast. Just kidding. Jamey isn't a beast. He is actually very nice. We like him a lot. But I think Andrea likes him just a bit more. They are really known as Aunt Andrea and Uncle Jamey to Taylor.

Brandon, Noah & Dad aka: Grandpa.

Simon (Andrea's son) and Julianna (Todd's daughter). Can you tell that Julianna was cold?

Mom (mine, not Taylor's) aka: Grandma

Eric (father of the bride), me (aunt of the bride) and Jeannette (mother of the bride).

Eric & Jeannette are the proud (but broke) parents.

Look who is coming now? It's the happy couple.

We had a couple of false alarms. We were told that Taylor & Michael would be the first ones coming out of the temple. But they ended up being number 2 or 3. So our huge group had to keep moving in and out of the small area they give you to wait outside.

I heard that the temple had 20-25 sealings scheduled that morning (temple had been closed for 2 weeks prior to this day). So it was a busy wedding day at the temple.

Everyone wants to wish Taylor & Michael congrats!

Finally a photo of Nate (Andrea's son). He thinks he is America's next top model. lol. This photo also has Andrea, Jamey, Simon, Brandon & Todd in the background.

Jodi (my seester & another aunt to the bride) asking the bride & groom what they are going to do now that they are married. Their response "We're going to Disneyland". Oops, that isn't what they said. I thought this was a Superbowl commercial for Disneyland.

Andrea, Noah, Simon, Nate, Julianna, Brandon wondering when do we eat?

This is Michael's family including parents, siblings, spouses and nieces and nephews.

Taylor & Michael with Grandma and Grandpa Langston. I took one with her other grandparents but didn't post it on the blog as this blog is for our side of the family. I did post all the photos of everyone on Facebook.

You should have seen the effort it took to get mom & dad out to the middle of the grass for this photo. They are not spring chickens any longer. Sorry mom & dad. I'm sure it will take as many people to help me get around when I reach your age as well.

Taylor and her seester Danica. You can tell in these photos that they were not looking at my camera. They were looking at the professionals camera (as they should be).

Taylor's family including parents, siblings & spouses (Michael is it). And since Taylor is the first to be married in Eric's family, there aren't any little ones yet.

There are those Langston genes again. I love this shot as it is Taylor being Taylor. Love it!!!!

We did take a huge group shot of everyone. Well, the professional took a group shot. And since I had to be in said group shot, I don't have a photo. But it was a HUGE group shot. Since it included all of Eric's (Langston) side of family as well as Jeannette's side. And then throw in Michael's family and it was SUPERSIZED.

After family photos, the wedding party stayed and took more photos at the temple. We didn't stick around to watch. We went shopping to kill a little time before we were to all meet up for lunch at El Torito's. Tomorrow I will try & share the photos from El Torito's.

So stay tuned......

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