Thursday, September 2, 2010

Taylor & Michael's wedding-Setting up

Ok, so I've been lame at blogging lately. It has now been 3 weeks (tomorrow) that Taylor & Michael have been married and I haven't posted anything about their wedding.

I am about to rectify that. Today I will show you photos of the setting up for the reception. The reception was held at the Western Center at Diamond Valley Lake. The reception was on Saturday night, but we got the room on Friday afternoon to decorate.

Here are the tables all set up & decorated. At first they (the lady in charge of the center) put up cream colored chairs. Then Jeannette remembered that when she first saw the room & decided to have reception there, they had black chairs. She asked if they still had the black chairs & they did. So we had to take down all the cream chairs & put up the black chairs. But it made a huge difference in how the room looked. The black chairs were better. Glad Jeannette remembered about them. I'm sure the woman in charge who was the one who had put up the cream chairs was thinking to herself, "Why didn't they think of that before or as I was putting up the cream chairs?". But she was nice about it & didn't mind switching them out. But I just know she was cursing us under her breath.

This is where the wedding party was going to sit.

Jeannette borrowed lots of mercury glass vases & candle sticks from a friend. I think she did rent the table cloths. But not sure. The flowers were red & white carnations. Jeannette had ordered them online.

The hardest thing about decorating in this place was that you couldn't use any nails, tacks or even tape. The only thing we could use to hang things was magnets. The doors in the room are metal so we covered this one with a white plastic tablecloth. Danica put on the vinyl chandeliers and then they hung some black fabric using magnets. It was hard to work with the parameters given, but we somehow managed.

Here is the candy bar area prior to adding candy. The only food they were having was this candy bar, a dessert bar and cupcakes. They wanted to keep it fairly simple and cheaper.

The tables in the back of this photo was were the desserts were going to be. One of Jeannette's co works was making all the desserts for the reception as a wedding gift to Taylor & Michael.

On each table they had a white table cloth with a black cloth overlay. We placed a round mirror, some battery operated lights covered in red tulle. Glass vases were covered with the black & white damask paper & filled with red carnations. The smaller glass vases had red glass beads inside. The night of the reception these were filled with water & had floating candles inside.

Look, Eric is a grandpa. Just kidding. He was playing with a baby that belonged to one of the woman from their ward that was helping with the wedding. Cade is watching. Did you notice that we draped tulle from the light fixtures above? The kids threw some red carnation & rose petals on top of the tulle to give it a little color.

Mike & Eric sitting around waiting for us to finish up. The kids belong to their friend Brynn who helped with the wedding & made the wedding cake.

One final look at the room. I guess it really wasn't the final look since I don't see any tulle draping from the overhead light fixtures. But at least you can see how the tables were set up.

I forgot to take photos of the sign in area, the table for presents, and the table for the cupcakes & wedding cake. Oops!

And I forgot to take photos of everyone else helping. A lot of friends from Eric & Jeannette's ward came to help.

Over the next few days I will share the rest of the photos I have from their wedding. I took photos waiting at the temple, photos of the lunch at El Torito's, photos of the family pool party we had at my house between temple & reception. But alas, no photos of the actual reception.

What???? No photos of reception??? That is right. I had taken my camera out of my purse to take photos at the pool party & forgot to put it back in my purse. So when I arrived at the reception, I realized, NO CAMERA!!! But Jodi took photos and I did take photos with Mom's camera, but I don't have access to the photos. I'll try & get Jodi to upload them to Facebook so I can steal them from there to post here.

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