Monday, September 6, 2010

Taylor & Michael's wedding-lunch at El Torito's

Taylor & Michael's wedding continues with a family lunch. We were all to meet at El Torito's Mexican restaurant for lunch at noon. The lunch was for everyone in the Langston clan as well as the Stones clan and the entire wedding party. There was about 50-60 of us at lunch.

Andrea's family didn't come to lunch as it was Jamey's only day off in about a month and he wanted to have some time alone with his family before heading up to our house for swim party and then the reception.

I'm only sharing photos of our family. I will post all the photos I took at the restaurant on my facebook.

Mom & Dad

Jodi, Danica and Bethany (Danica's best friend)

Mike, Brandon & Julianna

Cade, Tara (Cade's girlfriend), one of Taylor's bridesmaid that I can't remember her name, Brett (Taylor's cousin from mom's side of family)

Eric & Jeannette. Waiting for the Stones family to arrive, as well as the bride & groom.

The happy couple Michael & Taylor finally arrive.

One of Michael's nieces happy to see them.

Taylor was starving when she arrived. She could hardly wait to start eating chips and salsa. She had to be very careful as to not spill on her dress.

Julianna being silly wearing Jase & Brandon's glasses.

Jase, Mari & Todd

Eric & Jodi

Everyone has finally arrived. It's time to order. We had the choice of 3 different lunches. One was a taco, beans and salad, one was enchiladas and the final choice was a giant tostada.

Even Kip the photographer & his sister and Jeannette's friend Kelly came to lunch.

And this is what I had for lunch. Beef enchiladas. They were so yummy. It was a great lunch and everyone had a great time visiting with one another.

The only complaint I would have is that the restaurant should have had one person who just served sodas. They came around & gave us sodas when we got chips & salsa and didn't come around again until after everyone's lunch was served. And Todd's table almost didn't get their order taken. Luckily Eric said something to the waiter. Other than that, it was a great time.

We got done at the restuarant about 2pm. We still had about 5 hours until the reception was to start. So what did we do? We had a pool party at my house. I'll share those photos tomorrow.

Stay tuned.....

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