Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Family Face - Dillydally

Well here we are at Friday again. Time for the Friday Family Face. But wait, I have no family member to spotlight. What you say, no family member to spotlight? I think we still have lots of family members left. Oh, but that takes them responding to Kim's questionnaire. And you see, only a few family members have responded to that dang questionnaire. So I have run out of people to share with you.

Wait a minute, you say, Kim hasn't spotlighted anyone in her own family except for herself. Well, my own family members haven't responded to my questionnaire either. So you are not alone in your procrastination. And I thought I was the only one who procrastinated.

Well, my procrastination or forgetfulness is part of the reason we have no one to spotlight. Brandon said he was almost done with his questionnaire & I forgot to remind him to finish it up last night (we were busy watching the fire in Montecito on TV). Therefore, he didn't get it done & I procrastinated getting any photos of him scanned into the computer to use today. So there you have it, I am admitting that I am partially at fault. Isn't that big of me?

Well don't despair, I do have someone to spotlight. The dillydally family. Dillydally is a synonym for procrastinate (I looked it up). Did you know they are a part of our family? You may have forgotten about them, or maybe you are not as well acquainted with them as me. Since they are an integral part of my family, I thought who better than me to reintroduce you to them now.

Here we have Grandpa Doofus Dillydally. He can't walk, so he gets around in a wheelchair. Which causes him to "drag one's feet". When he is not in his wheelchair he must be drug around. Therefore causing him to "drag one's heels".

Then we have the dad, Googlyeye Dillydally. His biggest problem is that he stalls. He doesn't know how to make up his mind. So he tries to stall everything and/or everyone so that he doesn't have to make a decision.

The mom is Fishface Dillydally. She is the delayer of the family. She causes delays for everyone.

Uncle Dork Dillydally. He postpones everything he possibly can. Why do it today when tomorrow will be so much better.

Baby Dumbo Dillydally. His nickname is Shillyshally. Isn't he precious?
And we can't forget their pets.

Kitty One eyed Jack the Snarl Dillydally. He is lazy so he puts off doing everything.

Dogs- Spike Dillydally. He likes to defer everything to a later date. He likes to hang out with Uncle Dork.

The triplets: Daryl, Daryl & his other dog brother Daryl Dillydally. They like to prolong, defer & adjourn everything they possibly can. This gets them in a lot of trouble.
Is it all coming back to you now? You know you remember this family. Well, I'm hoping that you don't know them as well as me. They aren't really that fun. They seem fun at first, then they tend to get you into a lot of trouble. So it is best to stay as far away from them as possible. Or they might bite you in the butt. And look at the teeth on some of them, I wouldn't want that biting me.

The moral of this little spotlight? Complete your questionnaires & email them back to me. If you need another copy, or you never got one (I don't have email addresses for everyone), email me at I want Becky's & Marti's kids to do the questionnaires as well. So you kids (Tina I know you are a follower) need to email me your email addresses so I can send you the questionnaire. I also need photos of everyone to go with the questionnaire.

So PLEASE send them to me so that I have someone to spotlight next week. Otherwise I might have to make up family members. Or make up stuff about you. You have been warned!!!!

Also don't forget that Monday is Show and Tell. You can post anything to do with fall or Thanksgiving. Since I know that Marti's family knows how to blog, I'm hoping you will want to participate in the extended family blog. If so, email me & I'll send you an invite to be a contributor.


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