Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Word of the day: mishmosh: a hodgepodge, a confused jumble.

To start out with, I took back the silverware to Ross. Remember I told you about it on Monday. I had bought a set of new silverware from Ross on Saturday, when I opened the box up on Sunday night to wash them all the forks were missing. I had been robbed!!!! I was bummed as this was the only set that I really liked & they only had this one box.

Well last night was my first chance to return them. When I got to Ross there was a long line (when is there not a long line at Ross?). I had to wait about 15 minutes in line. I was nervous, would they think I was a thief & accuse me of stealing the forks? Or would they look at my sweet innocent face & realize that I could not lie about the forks already being gone from the box? I was hoping for the 2nd option as I didn't want to go to jail.

At last it was finally my turn at the return desk. I explained to the girl that when I opened the box the forks were all missing. She looked at me intensely. I couldn't tell which way this was going to go. So I laughed & said "Can you believe that someone would steal the forks?". The clerk started laughing too & said she could believe anything. She said no problem, should would credit back my credit card. Whew!!! I was relieved, I won't be going to jail.

As she was doing the return I told her the story of my mother in law. Before she died (my mother in law, not the clerk) was living in a rest home. One night while Mike & I were visiting her she handed us a Sees candy box with a rubber band around it. It was quite heavy. When we opened it up it was full of spoons. It seems my mother in law had been stealing the spoons from the dining room each meal & wanted us to take them home. They matched with her silverware at home & she needed more spoons. Mike told her that was stealing, but she said, they would never miss them. She needed them more. Anyways, we did not take the spoons home, we took them back to the rest home dining room. So there are people out there in the world that steal silverware.

Did I tell you that I got new contacts? Well I did. The only good thing about being so blind is that I get my contacts for free. This time they gave me a green contact & a blue contact. I have trouble knowing which contact goes in which eye. They usually put a dot on the right contact but that always comes off & I get my contacts mixed up. So this time the doctor gave me 2 different colors. Green is for my right eye, GR=goes in right eye. Blue is for my left eye, BL=belongs in left eye. Hopefully now I won't get them mixed up. And no, my eyes don't look freakish. You can't tell they are 2 different colors.

The only problem now is that I am old & I can't see anything up close. So I have to wear "Reader glasses". It sucks having to wear both contacts & glasses. The only consolation is that when you get old you no longer really care that you look dorky wearing glasses, especially reader (magnifying) glasses that make your eyes look HUGE!!!! I just hate the constant "on/off" of the glasses. It sucks!!!

And don't get me started on "floaters" in my eyes. I have so many of them, it is a wonder I can see anything. And my astigmatism is terrible. Even with my new contacts, I still see a little bit double. The eye doctor says that it is amazing that they can correct my vision to as good as it is. I guess I should be thankful that at least I can see (even though it is not 20/20) & I am not going blind (always a fear that is what the doctor will tell me when I get my eyes checked).

Did you notice that Marti's family has a blog? It's called My Quiver's Full-Graff updates. I put it as a link on the right under family blogs. Also, 2 of her girls have family blogs of their own. I've put links to their blogs as well under family blogs. You can also find Andrea's family blog with her husband's family under Prescott Family Tree.

I also have a friend list of blogs. Gracious Rain is a blog started by my friend Launi Kirby (now Anderson) and her 4 daughters. Remember Launi? She was one of my friends in high school. She lives in Utah & when I lived in Utah she babysat Brandon for me when he was a toddler. Check out her blog, they give quite good info on different things.

Then I put a list of blogs that I like to follow. Some of the blogs give decorating tips & ideas, some give spriritual uplifts, some laughter, some good advice, some give "all the above". Check them out sometime & see if you don't agree.

Well there you have my mishmosh of stuff for today. Do you have a mishmosh of stuff you want to tell us about?

I love you all!!!!


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