Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scary Monday Show & Tell

I am posting this show & tell early - Kim wanted me to show you all how proud I am as a mother (ha ha). Actually these are 3 of the boys on Halloween. I didn't get a picture of Noah because he went trick or treating with his cousin & left before I got out the camera. Sorry Noah! He was a cute nerd. In case you can't tell Nate is a crazy cave man/Sasquatch, Zak- well I am not really sure what he was supposed to be - scary clown I guess, and Simon was a bum/chain smoker. Ahhh, long gone are the days where I could convince them to be something sweet like Peter Pan or a ninja.... I guess that's part of growing up. No those are not real cigarettes either (in case you wondered). They were paper rolled thin to look like the real deal.
Jamey & I actually got a night out without the boys & we had a great time... although it was really strange as it's been our tradition for years to go to both grandparents neighborhoods to do the trick or treating, I think I was missing it more than the boys. It's really hard to let go sometimes!!

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