Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Show and Tell-Halloween Finale

Well Halloween is finally over. I'm sort of sad, but exited that Thanksgiving is just weeks away & then Christmas!!!

So what did we do for Halloween? I baked Halloween cupcakes at 10pm on Thursday night. Jesse loves Funfetti cake & when I saw this Halloween Funfetti cake mix I knew I had to get it.

Here is me licking the beaters. The only problem with making these cupcakes was that I forgot to put in the funfetti candies into the cake mix before putting mix in each cupcake tin. So I had to add the candies after the fact & mix up each cupcake individually. Luckily I caught my mistake before baking the cupcakes.
Here is the finished product. Looks yummy!!! (Don't look at my dirty grout)
Here are photos of our grandson Gunner. He is dressed up as a horse. He wasn't too happy to wear his costume. So they didn't get any great photos. We didn't get to see him in person, boo hoo.
Brandan with Gunner

Gunner doesn't look too upset in this photo. He's a cute horse!!!Here is Mike & Jesse passing out candy from our front porch on Halloween. We had a fog machine going so it got quite hazy. At times you couldn't even see them. Mike needs to learn to button up his shirt. I guess he was dressed up as an old geezer.

This year we set up our projector in the living room & played a Halloween DVD that projected onto our front window for everyone to see. The DVD was called "Hallowindow". I found it by accident while surfing the internet. It is pretty cool. It has two 2 minute clips of various Halloween graphics. I videotaped it from outside to show what the trick or treaters got to see coming to our house.

The 1st video below is what I taped outside of the Hallowindow video. The 2nd video shows the front of our house on Halloween with all the lights. You can't see real good as it was quite dark. Plus the fog machine made it even darker for filming as there was a haze.

We had about 250 kids come to our house. Everyone loved how our house was decorated & the Hallowindow video in the window was a hit. We were told that we had the best house around. This was music to my ears. Even if we were about the only house in our neighborhood passing out candy.

I don't know what the problem is, but it seems more & more people are not celebrating Halloween. I love Halloween and I feel bad that kids are missing out on some great memories.

On Saturday I invited Eric's family over for dinner & to watch "Bram Stoker's Dracula" out in our backyard. Thanks Danica for bringing it over for us to watch. No Halloween is complete without watching it. We had a great time. Everyone in Eric's family came over. I cooked pork roast, baked potatoes, corn & broccoli. Jeannette brought over a fabulous salad. For dessert we had pumpkin cobbler.

After dinner we went out to the backyard to watch Dracula. Brandon & Jase stayed in the house & played video games and Taylor played on the computer instead of watching the movie. The rest of us enjoyed the movie. Danica, Jeannette & I all love this movie. Mike & Jesse had never watched it before but enjoyed it as well. I was surprised when Mike said he had never seen it before. How can we have been together for all these years & he never see it? I watch it every year.

It was quite warm out on Saturday night. It was cloudy & we saw some lightning, but warm enough to watch a movie & not need blankets. The men folk watched from the jacuzzi.

So my Halloween ended up being filled with great memories. And now I have shared them with you. Now on to Thanksgiving!!!

For the rest of this month, our Monday show and tells will be about Thanksgiving. You can post Thanksgiving decor, recipes, photos or write your memories of past Thanksgivings or share what you are thankful for. Anything to do with Thanksgiving or thankfulness.


Prescott family said...

Hey I love that window thing! You have to tell me how it works & where you got it... next year I think I am going to stay home & pass out candy (but scare the kids too). It will be my first time ever if I get to do it! Finally my kids are big enough to go out by themselves!!

Kim Chalfant said...

I got it from a website called The DVD cost $30.00 but worth it. You have to use a projector hooked up to something that can play the DVD such as a computer, dvd player or we use Xbox 360. If you don't have a projector I guess you could roll a flat screen TV up to the window & play on that.

I think it is funner to decorate the house & pass out candy to trick or treaters than taking kids around trick or treating.