Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And he's off!!!

Today is June 3rd. This day has special meaning for our family for 3 different reasons.

Reason number one:

Today is the day that my nephew Jase enters the Missionary Training Center aka: MTC, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I spoke to my brother Eric about 11:30am California time & he said Jase had to be dropped off at the MTC in about 40 minutes. They found out that since there is so much sickness going on currently at the MTC that they have to just drop Jase off at the front door. They don't get to go inside with him. I'd be freaking if it were my son. I'd want to go inside to see where he will be spending the next 3 weeks. But I guess we do what we have to do.

So by the time I post this, Eric & Jeannette will have said their goodbyes to Jase. He has officially become Elder Langston. After 3 weeks in the MTC, Elder Langston will then travel to Houston, Texas where he will serve the Lord teaching the gospel for the next 2 years. When he returns, we probably won't recognize him as he will have returned a man. I can hardly wait to see the transformation.

We were lucky enough to spend some time with Jase before he left for Utah. I thought I post some photos as a "before mission". And then we will have something to compare the "after mission" photos when he returns in two years.

This was at Jase's 21st birthday party at Eric & Jeannette's house back on May 19th. Here is Eric's family & my family.

From left to right: Brandon (my son), Jase (the birthday boy), Jack (the dog), Cade, Jeannette (sitting down in front), Danica, Taylor, Eric, Me, Jesse (my son) & Mike (my hubby). We had been making Arrrrrrr, pirate sounds & making a hook with our finger. Jeannette didn't get the note that in this picture we were to be pretty normal. lol.

This photo is Taylor (my niece) and me. Jase was trying to get into the photo as well.
My nephew Jase & my niece Taylor.

Jase with his pirate birthday hat & his mom Jeannette (my SIL)

And here is the birthday boy Jase with his pirate birthday cake that his sister Danica made for him.
Here is Jase taking a photo with his new camera that he got for his birthday. One of the missionaries from their ward is standing in the background.

Next I wanted to share the photos from Jase's missionary farewell on Sunday 5/24. We went to Eric & Jeannette's house after church.

Here is Jase opening up one of his presents. Ties!!! Jase just barely learned to tie his own tie the day before. Always before he had his dad tie the tie & then he would loosen it up & pull off over his head until the next time he needed to wear a tie. So his friends did that to the ties they bought for him. Everyone had a good laugh.
Then his maternal grandparents gave him clip on ties. Here is Jase & his sister Taylor trying on the clip on ties.

Here is Eric & Jase taking photos of each other at the same time. And finally, one last photo taken this past Sunday evening 5/31. Jase with his dad & mom.
Good luck Jase, I mean Elder Langston. We love you & we will miss you. We will see you again in two years. Make us all proud (you already have).

Be sure to read all of my posts for today to see all the reasons why June 3rd is a special day for our family.

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