Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who doesn't love a wedding?

Last Saturday Mike & I traveled down to Jamul to attend Mike's great niece's wedding & reception. Now before I start I guess I should give you a little background on Mike's family.

Mike is the youngest of 4 children. His oldest brother Val passed away about 5 years ago. Val was like my Dad's age. His oldest sister Dixie lives in Oregon & is about 3 years younger than my mom. Then Mike's youngest sister is Ginny aka Ginger, she lives in Oregon too. She is 15 years older than Mike. They are all his half siblings. So Mike pretty much grew up as an only child as his siblings were so much older than him. Mike's dad passed away in 1982 & his mom passed away in 2005 at the age of 91. Mike's mom was more like a Nana to me than a mother in law as she was my grandmothers age. I loved her dearly & truly miss her.

Mike's sister Dixie has 4 children: Jamee, Suzy, John & Scott (Scott passed away about 2 years ago). It was Dixie's son Johns (Mike's nephew) daughter Jennifer aka: Jen who was getting married.

Now because Mike's siblings are all quite a bit older than him, his nephew & nieces were around his same age, if not just a bit younger. They were more like cousins to Mike than nieces & nephews. And his nephews & nieces children were actually more like his nieces & nephews, but they are actually great nieces & nephews. Have I confused you all? I thought so.

So anyways, it was Mike's great niece Jennifer that was getting married to Cory. The wedding & reception was at the Steele Canyon Country Club in Jamul, CA. It started at 4pm. The weather ended up being perfect for the wedding. For the 3 weeks prior & this past week, it had been overcast everyday. So we were all happy that the weather, the day & location were perfect.

After the wedding the reception was held indoors in a greenhouse type room. It was decorated very nice. There was chips, salsa & guacamole as well as soft drinks & a no host bar. How does anyone afford to pay for drinks at weddings? They were $6.00 a drink. I was so glad that I don't drink alcohol & that the soft drinks were free.

For dinner they had a Mexican buffet with salad, enchiladas, chicken fajitas & all the fixings. It was so yummy and you could have all you could eat. My kind of wedding dinner.

There was toasts to the bride & groom, a video montage of the happy couple, cutting of the cake, father/daughter dance, groom/mother dance, honeymoon money dance and then regular dancing. It was a fun time. We left about 9pm (party was still going strong) as we had to drive home which takes about one & a half hours.

I've put together a little slideshow of the day & evening. The photos are of Mike's family
1) His sister Dixie
2) Dixie's son & Mike's nephew John's family: The bride Jennifer, her new husband Cory. The father of the bride John, his wife Bev, sister of the bride Brianna.
3) Dixie's daughter & Mike's niece Suzy. She fly out from Texas. Suzy's son Josh, his wife Leticia & their 2 girls (I'm totally drawing a blank on their names). They drove down from Reno, NV. Suzy is married & has 6 children & 4 grandchildren but only 1 of her son's & his family came to the wedding.
4) Dixie's other daughter Jamee (Mike's niece from Lakeside) & her daughter Carrie. Jamee is married & has 2 children, but only one came.
5) Dixie's grandson Ryan (her late son & Mike's nephew Scott's son).
6) Then there is a photo of Jen with her grandpa Tommy (Dixie's ex husband, father of John, ex brother in law to Mike).

Whew! Did you get all that? There will be a test at the end of this post. Just kidding! Now go enjoy the photos.

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I hope that you enjoyed the slideshow even if you didn't know anybody (except for moi, and maybe Mike). But at least you now know a little more about Mike's family. Oh, and they all call me Kimmy (except for Suzy's family who calls me Aunt Tubby, but that's another story for another day, lol). I always know when someone calls me Kimmy, that I have met them through Mike, or his family.

And don't forget that I have another blog that will be for my decorating & blog party stuff. It's called Starshine Chic & you can find it by clicking here.

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its so very cheri said...

Weddings are so fun and always make me think back to our marvelous day.