Monday, June 8, 2009

Jesse's High School Graduation

Whew!!! He made it!!!

This past Saturday evening was my stepson Jesse's high school graduation ceremony. For awhile there, we didn't think that Jesse was going to get to graduate. But he managed to pass his Government class, so graduate, he did.

Here is Jesse in our family room just before leaving for graduation. He put his tassel up in front of his face. I took a 2nd photo without the tassel, but of course it turned out fuzzy. So you get this one.

We are so proud of Jesse. School has been quite the struggle for him, but he persevered & it has paid off.
To go to graduation you needed a ticket. They gave out 8 tickets per graduate. Jesse gave 2 tickets to his friends. The rest were used for family. Mike, me, Brandon & my nieces Danica & Taylor. My nephew Cade was suppose to come as well, but he opted to stay home at the last minute.
Danica & Taylor in the stands waiting for graduation to start.

Here is Jesse walking into the stadium. This photo is a bit fuzzy as I cropped it from a larger photo. I only had my little Sony camera & even with the zoom on, he will still quite far away. I don't know why I didn't have Brandon bring his Canon SLR camera with the zoom lens. I guess cause I'm blonde (again).

Jesse at his seat waiting for all the graduates to march in.
Paloma Valley High School 2009 graduating class. Graduation ceremony lasted less than 2 hours. Yipee!!! Last year, my niece Taylor's graduation was more than 3 hours long!!!

My Son Brandon with Taylor & Danica after the graduation ceremony. Trying to find Jesse in the huge crowd.

Jesse after graduation. He was relieved that it was finally over.

Jesse & his proud Papa (Mike)

Our family: Me, Jesse, Mike & Brandon. Jesse's other brother Brandan & his family were not able to make it.

Afterwards we went to dinner at Bob's Big Boy in Temecula. I hadn't eaten at a Bob's Big Boy since the 70's when my brother Eric was a chef at the one in La Mesa. Most of the Bob's Big Boy restaurants went bye bye. But they are now starting to make a comeback. They just opened this one up this past year. The food was OK. The decor & the music they played was great. But I would have rather gone to Red Robin for burgers, but Mike & Jesse wanted to try this burger joint out.
Mike & Jesse posing with the Big Boy mascot. Mike told us stories of how the Big Boy mascot was always getting stolen as a prank back in the 70's. I'll bet it still happens.

We are so proud of Jesse. Now on to the next phase of your life! Time to get a job!

Next Monday I will probably (hopefully) get back to posting my thrifty finds and before & after photos. I did find a couple of pretty fabulous thrifty finds this weekend, but with graduation, I forgot to take photos. So you will just have to wait until next week. And maybe I'll get something done to post before & after photos for Metamorphosis Monday. But don't hold your breath!


Linda's Blue Gate said...

We were in the same boat last year with a grandson.... down to wire about graduation...... glad it all came did ours...

tricia said...

Congrats to Jesse. It looks like a fantastic evening, and oh my gosh is that graduating class big. My kids have around 80 kids in their grade level. I graduated with a class of 107. My hubby graduated with a class of 70.
Now on to the next chapter of your lives. Yay!
Have a great week!

Painter's Place said...

Aren't you proud? We all look forward to graduation. It's sad , but then again happy. I noticed the red, white and blue in the background and I love it!

Cindy said...

Congratulations to Jesse and his proud family! It is always a bittersweet day. Cindy

abeachcottage said...

many congratulations to you, you must be very proud, I can't imagine how my heart will swell on that day...