Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tablescape Thursday-A Happy Anniversary

It's time for Tablescape Thursday. Since it was my wedding anniversary on June 3rd, I thought I'd share our anniversary table. It seems weird to set the table just or two.
The sun finally came out early in the evening. It had been lightning & thundering all day long. Not much rain, mostly lightning which is a rare thing for southern California. Temps were in the low 70's today, a real change from the 105 degree weather we had when Mike & I were married 3 years ago.

I used my Old Country Roses plates from Royal Albert and my Michelangelo flatware by Oneida. I wish I had gold flatware to go with this set of dishes. Maybe some day. The tablecloth is a lace cloth I bought from Walmart on clearance for $5.00 a few months back.

I used numerous items from around my house for my centerpiece.

Mike just gave me this Lenox anniversary box today for our 3rd anniversary. I told you he loves Lenox. And so do I. I love this box as it has swans on it & I have started collecting swans.

The underneath side of the lid says "Love endures". Isn't that so sweet?

Bottom of the Lenox box. I'm sure he got this from ebay. He buys everything from ebay.

Isn't this the cutest bride & groom you have ever seen? This is Lenox as well. I bought this off ebay for our wedding. It was a limited edition & retired. I paid $25.00. That is a steal. I think it retailed for $150.00. I was planning on using this on top of our wedding cake, but it was too big. So I had to use an alternate smaller figurine that I didn't like as well. Oh well, isn't marraige full of compromises? I love how the groom is barefoot. I forgot to take a photo of the bottom with the Lenox label.

Remember these anniversary glasses I picked up at the thrift store a few weeks back? I shared them in a "Today's Thrifty Finds" post. I paid 25 cents a piece! I decided to use them as candle holders.

The roses were another anniversary surprise from my hubby. Not just one dozen, but two!!! Sam's Club has the best roses. I guess he really does love me as they are red. I really like pink roses the best, but red are great for Valentine's Day & anniversaries.

The white pitcher came from Michael's. I used a 50% off coupon on it.

The votive candle holders on each place setting were from our wedding. I made these.

I love these Old Country Roses salad plates. They are a bit different from the dinner plates. I've had these for years. I can't remember where I originally purchased them. I bought them prior to the dinner plates. I had used these as decorative plates on my wall for awhile.

Here is the bottom of the salad plates.

The Royal Albert Old Country Roses dinner plates. I bought these at Home Goods. They cost $7.99 each. More than I would normally pay, but I wanted this pattern so bad. I only have 4 dinner plates & 2 of the salad plates. And 2 cup & saucers (not pictured). I bought my first cup & saucer in England. When in Europe I tried to buy items I wanted from their country of origin.

Here is the bottom of the dinner plates.

My crystal goblets are from the thrift store. This is the one I found last week to complete my set of 4.

The wooden LOVE sign came from Ross last week for $2.99 or $3.99. I plan on recovering with scrap book paper, but it worked as is for this tablescape.

And finally my cherub candle sticks. I love, love, love these. I got them at a thrift store last year. I think I paid $4.00 for the pair. They didn't come with the crystals. I just put those on tonight for the photos. I had purchased the crystals online about 10 years ago & just found them. They work perfect on these candlesticks. I love cherubs & crystals!!!

And one final look at our anniversary tablescape. Now I hate to disappoint you, but we didn't even eat dinner at this table. We actually went out to dinner for Mexican food. Very yummy!!! Oh well, maybe we can eat dinner at this table tomorrow night.

If you want to see some of our wedding photos, you can click here to see my Happy Anniversary post to my hubby.

Now be sure to visit Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch to see her tablescape and all the fabulous tables that all my blogging friends have put together for you to enjoy. And be sure to leave a comment. How can we become friends if you don't stop & say "Hi"?


Cindy said...

Hi Kim,
I am so in love with this romantic table! The china is gorgeous, the lenox just fits perfectly and oh that lovely lace tablecloth! All the little candles set the mood so well, its a super duper table! Cindy

redsoxmom said...

Hi Kim! Happy Anniversary! Your hubby was so sweet to buy you the Lenox box. And he has nice taste. ;) Your table is so romantic. You'll have to set it up again and have a nice dinner with hubby sometime. The cherubs are neat and very Victorian! I think I've see the matching flatware for your china at Ross/Marshalls/TJ recently. Funny how stuff comes back out again after so long. Thanks for sharing!

Scribbler said...

Very romantic!

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary.


Kammy said...

Hi Kim !
I love that pattern too....I always see trinket stuff but, never plates - I would have bought them too ! Love all your Lenox - such quality ~ Happy Anniversary to you and hubby ! Your tablescape is just beautiful - and Roses -cool !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary to the two of you! I like your very romantic table. (It's cozy when set for two!) You seem to have found yourself a thoughtful guy, and that makes him a winner. I almost bought that white pitcher at Michaels. When they come out with another coupon, I may be going back to see if they still have it. You guys looks so sweet together!

Chandy said...

Your table is beautiful and romantic! All of your pieces are so classy and goes together well. I love the whole look!

Chandy said...

Oh, yeah, belated Happy Anniversary!

ellen b said...

Well a very Happy Anniversary to you. What a lovely romantic table you set to celebrate!! The weather has been pretty gloomy in so. Cal. for sure...

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Happy Anniversary!

Your table is beautiful! J's Aunt Ruth has Old Country Roses and Michaelangelo!! Small world! She also has gold flatware, she's used with Old Country Roses.

Melissa Marie said...

Love the pattern on the china! It is gorgeous! And Happy Anniversary!! :)

Chari said...

Hi Girlfriend...

Ohhh...I'm so glad that you got to post your anniversary tablescape!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful date...I love mexican food!!! Your honey is just the sweetest...what lovely gifts he surprised you with!!! I just love the Lenox anniversary keepsake's fabulous!!! And...2 dozen red roses...ahhhhh!!! I'm so happy for you two!!!

Your table is stunning, my friend! I just love this country rose's so beautiful and very romantic I think! Ohhh Kim...I love your cherub candle holders...Ooohhhh!!! You know that I love my cherubs!!! And how perfect...your pretty anniversary goblets worked out as candle holders as well!!! Your entire table is soooo very pretty...I love it!!!

Love ya,

Dana and Daisy said...

Your china is everybody's favorite! So many June brides on Tablescape Thursday today! Happy Anniversary!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Kim~ ~ Your table is lovely and the red roses in the white pitcher are a stand out! I have always loved your china pattern too. It would look amazing in my dining room!
Thanks for stopping by for a visit
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Lady Katherine said...

Happy Anniversary! I love this table for you have my Old Country Roses China! Great deals on it too! I been buying the oldest set off EBay. I love the Lenox box, and the cherub candles sticks. I use my silver flatware too! Love the roses in the white pitcher! Note to self, I do not have a white pitcher! lol Big Lots might have a display box of the dishes, they would give you a deal on. Mine are not Gollum Gibson dishes, they are Great Gathering. Look near the same. Yes, I watched people come and go for those two hours! Thank Goodness they had the outdoor furniture near the door! lol

Joyce said...

Your shot of the cut glass wine glass is great because you can see the little bride and groom through the glass. I like how you purchased those anniversary champagne glasses and used them to hold the candles. That was so creative. You have a sweetie pie husband to buy you the lenox and the flowers. Thanks for sharing your table with me. Happy Anniversary.

Linda said...

Kim, you set a romantic table for two with so many thoughtful touches. Very charming! What's for dinner? Linda

Mary said...

What a very beautiful table! LOVE your dishes. Happy Anniversary. :)

Shelia said...

Hi Kim! Oh, what a sweet romantic table you've set! I dear adore those dishes and have wanted some all my life. I do have the salt and peppers! :) Everything looks so pretty sitting on your lace tablecloth.

Be a sweetie and thanks for popping in to see me,
Shelia :)

Kathleen said...

Very pretty! I love the salad plates too!
Happy Anniversary!

Mary @ Boogieboard Cottage said...

Happy anniversary Kim! Your anniversary table looks great! I love the china pattern, I don't own any, but it's always been one of my favorites. I like your bride and groom and the photo of them through the goblet, very clever! I enjoyed viewing your wedding pics. I'm thinking of post an anniversary table too, mine's coming up in August. :O)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

What romance in this tablescape! Oh, I adore that Lenox bride and groom. I'm so sorry you couldn't use it on your cake. Your china is stunning. How great that you made the votive holders for your wedding. 2 Dozen Red Roses!! Wow! You've been keeping him happy! Love the prisms hanging on your cherub candleholders. laurie

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a sweet anniversary table this is -- so special with all your romantic touches and lenox -- this is just so pretty. Happy Anniversay to you both -- and wishing you 50+ years of blessings and love!

Sergey said...

You have really great table designs! The red color is just great to look at and it stands out a lot!!! I would love to have my table to look just like that!
Come visit one of my candle blogs that are great for the design of your tables!