Friday, June 26, 2009

My tribute to Farrah & Michael

I am a little sad at the passing of not one but two icons from my teenage/young adult life. I remember back in the late 70's, early 80's that no one was bigger than Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson.

Who can forget Farrah in her poster? Or Charlie's Angels? I loved that show. Her smile, her hair! And everyone loved Michael Jackson. Who can forget the moonwalk? Or crotch grabbing? (OK, that one I wish I could forget.) Or Thriller? No one was bigger than him at that time. I loved to go dancing & loved to dance to Michael Jackson. His music stirred you to dance.

You know how they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Then Farrah & Michael should be very flattered.

My teenage years were spent trying to look like Farrah. Who didn't want her gorgeous hair? Or her smile? Well, I couldn't come close on the smile, but the hair, I gave it my best shot.

Example #1:

1981: Here is my family minus Eric (he was on his mission in Salt Lake City at the time). Dad, Jodi, Mom, Todd, Andrea & me. This was taken in Grandma & Grandpa Manning's backyard right before Todd left for his mission to Adelaide Australia. Did you notice that I wasn't the only one sporting the "Farrah". Jodi gave it her best shot with her short dark curly hair and Andrea sported the look as well, but with bangs. But my hair was the best. Don't you agree? Check out Mom's fro. She thought she was too old for the "Farrah".

Example #2:
Eric & me taken in Salt Lake City while he was on his mission. This was taken in 1980 or 81. And it was his "P" day aka: personal day or day off. I loved my hair like this. This is one of my favorite photos. Everyone thought Eric & I were the twins in our family when it was actually Jodi & Todd that were the twins.

You can see more old photos of me with the "Farrah" in the post before this about my friend Janice. You can find it by clicking here.

Now I personally never imitated Michael Jackson, but I did love his music & loved to dance to his songs. But my nephew Noah (Andrea's youngest) loves to imitate Michael. Here is a video of Noah singing "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson. Jodi originally posted this when we started this family blog, but I thought it was appropriate to post it again.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to Farrah & Michael. What impact, if any, did they have on your life?

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Dee Dee said...

Your hair was pretty good, back in the day. You were a stick!!! Oh, to be the weight we were back 20 years ago...only Andrea seems to be skinny still. Dang it.