Friday, June 20, 2008

Taylor's Graduation

These are pictures from Taylor's Graduation Last Friday Night and pictures from the Party we had at Kim's house. ENJOY!!!

Addition by Kim: Here are Kim's photos from Taylor's graduation & parties.

Taylor is Eric's 3rd child. She graduated from High School on Friday the 13th!!! Eric & Jeannette had a party for her prior to her graduation at their house. We all were there except for Andrea's family. They were coming up the next day for the pool party. Taylor's grandparents & aunt from her mom's side came down from Tahoe. Jeannette's other sister came up from El Cajon. Taylor opened gifts & then we all went over to the high school for the graduation ceremony. Taylor was in the first group of names to be called. Jeannette's family all had to leave the ceremony early as they had to be back in Tahoe. In fact, most everyone left early except for Eric, Jeannette, Danica, Mike, Brandon & Kim. It was a long ceremony but at least they had fireworks at the end.

On Saturday 6/14 everyone came over to Kim's house for a pool party. We celebrated Taylor & Zak's graduation, Brandon's 25th birthday & Father's day. Taylor & Zak had some friends come. Everyone had fun.

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