Sunday, June 8, 2008

Zak's high school graduation

Friday 6/6 was Zak's high school graduation at Mt Miguel High School. Zak is Andrea & Jamey's oldest son. The graduation was held in the stadium. Of course Andrea's family was there, my family, Mom, Dad, Jodi & most of Eric's family. Jase (Eric's oldest son) stayed home & Jeannette (Eric's wife was in Tahoe attending her niece Sarah's graduation). Also attending were a couple of Andrea's friends & their families, a couple of Zak's cousins from his Dad's side of the family & a couple of Zak's friends. There was about 30 of us in all.

We were quite loud cheering for Zak. In fact, we were so loud that another woman asked all the kids if they would cheer for her graduate as well, which they did. Luckily the actual graduation services were only about 1 hour long. We had to sit facing the sun as this was the side that Zak was to walk down.

Afterwards, we all went to Andrea's house for dessert. We ate cheesecake, brownies & cake. Zak opened presents & the kids jumped on the trampoline. The rest of us visited & had a good time.

Now we get to do it all over again this coming Friday for Taylor's graduation. Then this Saturday everyone is coming to my house to celebrate the 2 graduates, Brandon's 25th birthday & of course fathers day. June is a very busy month for the entire Langston family.

I'll post about these activities next week. Until then, have a good week.


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