Friday, May 15, 2009

Celebrating family

Warning! This is a long post with lots of photos. I guess I just love to talk & I love to show you my photos.

Last Saturday we had the privilege of spending the day celebrating with family. You see my nephew Jase has been called to serve a mission for our church. He is going to the Houston Texas South mission. He reports to the Missionary Training Center aka: MTC on June 3rd. Which happens to be Eric's birthday & Mike & my anniversary. So June 3rd has lots of meaning in our family.

But before he can be a missionary, he had to attend the temple to take out his endowments. Last Saturday was his day at the temple. He decided he wanted to go through the San Diego temple, even though they live closer to the temple in Redlands.

So everyone that was going through the temple with Jase met down at the San Diego temple early. They went to the 10:00am session. The rest met up on the temple grounds around 11:30am. A lot of people came from Eric & Jeannette's ward. As well as most of our family. The only family members not there was most of Andrea's family (Jamey was out of town, Nate & Simon were on a camping trip, Zak & Noah were still sleeping), and of course Todd's family wasn't there as they live in Utah.

We took photos around the temple ground after the temple session. Here is a slide show of the photos that I took. I guess I never took any photos of Mike & Jesse and I didn't get a photo with the entire family. I will have to post that later off of Brandon's camera. Brandon had taken quite a few fabulous photos (at least he said they were fabulous), but for some reason his memory card didn't record any of them. He didn't notice until we were taking the family photo. So that is the only photo he has. I know Jodi & Eric got a complete family photo as well. So hopefully one will get posted later.

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After the temple we all went to El Torito's Mexican restaurant for lunch. It was quite a big crowd as all of the friends that came down also went to lunch. I mostly took photos at the table I sat at which was most of the family. Eric, Jeannette & Jase sat at the table with all the friends. Two of Andrea's boys showed up for lunch (Zak & Noah). Everyone had a good time visiting & the food was fabulous. At least I thought so.

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After lunch we stopped by Deseret Book store to do a little shopping. Then everyone in the family headed over to Mom & Dad's house to celebrate Mother's Day a day early. Andrea's other 2 kids Nate & Simon were back from their camping trip in order to celebrate at Grandma's. Here are the photos from the Mother's Day celebration. Again, I don't have any photos of Dad. He seems to hide out when we are all invading their house. Mike & Jesse were not there as they went over to his son Brandan's apartment to visit with Brandan & our grandson Gunner.

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Saturday night we went to Mom & Dad's ward dinner. It was a "Men's cook off". About 12 men in their ward fixed food to be judged & served for dinner. The woman brought side dishes & dessert. No one in our family was very hungry as we were still all full from lunch. But they asked Eric & Mike to be judges, so they had to try 12 different items. Which of course made the rest of us hungry, so we all ended up eating. The food was great. I forgot to take photos. The judges had to pick their 5 favorite items. They only judged on flavor. The top 5 winners were BBQ pulled pork, BBQ ribs, Biscuits & Gravy, This sausage dish with Italian sausage, grilled onions and peppers on bread & last but not least Tuscani soup (you know like the kind you get at Olive Garden). There was quite a variety of food & it was all good. We had a fun time at the dinner.

After dinner we all went back to Mom & Dad's except for Andrea's family, they went home from the church. We didn't stay long at Mom & Dad's as it was getting late & we still needed to go back to Brandan's house to pick up Jesse (he missed out on some good food) and so I could visit with Gunner.

My Daughter in law Crystal was out for the evening with her girlfriends, so it was just the boys when we got to Brandan's. Mike had fun throwing Gunner up in the air. Gunner loved it. He got mad when Mike got too tired to continue. We had a good time seeing our Grandson. And of course Brandan too. We left about 9:45 & got home about 11pm.

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We had a very fun filled day. It was great to spend it with family. Family is what matters most. I so very thankful to have born into a family that truly enjoys one anothers company. And that we love each other & would do anything for each other. Oh we have our spats just like any other family, but we know we have each other's backs. I just wish my brother Todd & his family lived closer so we could spend more time with them.

And kudos to you if you made it through this entire post & watched all the slide shows. You must have been family. And if not, you are now.

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