Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May family birthdays

Since I forgot to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday on the blog (sorry Mom), and today is Jase's birthday & tomorrow is Rick's (Becky's hubby) birthday. I thought I would take the time today to wish all of you a very:

All 3 are celebrating big birthdays this year.

Happy birthday Jase!!!! Today 5/19 is Jase's 21st birthday. Jase is my nephew (son of my brother Eric). Tonight we are going to Eric & Jeannette's house to celebrate with cake & ice cream. I hope, hope, hope they will have chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (my favorite & usually the only place I get to eat it). Jase will be leaving on his mission to Houston Texas in a few short weeks (June 3rd). This Sunday is his farewell at church. So I know that no drinking will be involved with his 21st birthday. Unless you count soda.

Rick: Tomorrow 5/20 is Rick's 50th birthday. I don't know Rick very well, but he is married to my cousin Becky who I do know and he filled out the birthday alarm I sent (which gives me a reminder of everyone's birthdays). If you want me to wish you a happy birthday, then you need to do the same. Happy birthday Rick! Enjoy your last day of being 49.

And lastly I wanted to wish my Mommy aka: Dorothy a very happy belated birthday. Her birthday was on May 14th. She turned 75 years young. We got to spend time with her Mother's Day weekend and celebrated then. At least I did call her on her birthday. But unfortunately the birthday card I mailed to her didn't get to her until 2 days later & she had to pay an additional 44 cents postage. Oops!!! Sorry Mom, it's the thought that counts, right? Happy Birthday Mom!!!So I have wished Happy Birthday to the family May birthdays. If I forgot you this month, it is because I didn't know it was your birthday. If everyone in my family would email their family members birthdays (including year of birth) I would greatly appreciate it. Then I wouldn't feel guilty that I am leaving someone's birthday out. You wouldn't want me to feel guilty now would you? I didn't think so.

And if you are not a family member, but have a May birthday. Happy birthday to you as well.



Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

so glad to find your blog....I have enjoyed reading it.

I have started the posts from our most recent "Grandparent Disney trip" with a look into the eyes of my little guys from this "Grammy"! Also every comment counts as an entry for the May giveaway. (See Monthly Card Box Giveaway")! Stop by for a visit when you have some time.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Cute story below about the cookie dough. That is SO something I would do.
AND...I LOVE the amazing 'Family' art piece you made from your Kohl's frame. Way to go!!!

Chandy said...

Love that all inclusive birthday post! ;-) I had to keep updating our family blog with people's birthdays since I keep forgetting, too!

Anonymous said...

Good morning! May is my birthday/anniversary/Mother's Day month of the year - we have 10 events.

I'm just stopping by to say hello. I've posted a nice message today, IMHO anyway. Have a look.


Richella Parham said...

What a lovely blog you have! Thank you for stopping by mine. I appreciate your encouragement!