Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's a Lampapalooza Party!

Here it is 1:00pm on Thursday. I'm tired of being sad, I need to get my mind off of my sadness, so what better way than to join in on The Nester's Lampapalooza party. But I didn't take any photos of my lamps at home. So how can I join in on the fun when I am at work? Well guess what? I just realized that I have some photos on my work computer of some of my lamps at home & I have lamps in my office at work. So I can join in on the fun. Even though I am late to the party.

Better late than never I say. So here we go. I love, love, love lamps & have quite a few. But since I didn't plan for this party, I didn't take any photos of the ones at home. So the photos I am showing you of some of my lamps at home were not taken specifically for this party, but they will work just the same.

This lamp is in our bedroom. I actually have 2 of these in our bedroom. I don't have a photo of the other one on hubby's side. The one pictured above is the one on my side of the bed. This lamp was part of a 4 piece set of lamps that I got from ABC Distributing catalog years ago. It came with 2 buffet lamps, a small table lamp (which you will see below in my work lamps) & a floor lamp. The buffet lamps I use in our bedroom, they originally came with plain white shades, but I have added the black & white toile shades (clearance from Lowes). The floor lamp I use outside on my patio (not pictured). All the lamps in this set were originally a cream color. I wanted them whiter so I sponged on the white paint. It gave it more of a mottled look than just spray painting them white.
The lamp on my dresser came from Target. I got it on clearance for $15.00 when they moved the Target to it's new location across the freeway. The black shade I got on clearance at Ross for $3.00. I love, love, love how this looks lit up at night. It is not very bright, just gives just the right ambiance for the bedroom at night.
This Eiffel Tower lamp is in my family room. I got it at a thrift store for $7.00. I think they originally sold at Target. The lamp shade was another clearance shade. I think it came from Home Goods. Did you notice the remote control sitting under the lamp? It's for our lights outside. Hubby is totally into remote control lights.
These 2 lamps are on our buffet in the Living Room. The lamp on the left came from Walmart on clearance years ago. I think I paid $5.00. I wish I had gotten 2 of them. The lamp on the right hubby made. He loves making stained glass things.
This lamp is also in our living room. Hubby bought it on clearance at Bombay years ago. This is one of my most favorite lamps. I wish this was a better photo so you could see the detail. But remember I didn't take these photos for this party.

When I get tired of certain lamps at home, I bring them to my office at work. Here are the 3 lamps I currently have at work.
This floor lamp originally came from Walmart many years ago. I love Victorian, so I love this floor lamp. I love all the hanging beads.
This small lamp is part of the lamp set from ABC Distributing like the buffet lamps used in my bedroom. This is the original white shade they came with. I added the crystal dangly.
The final lamp sits on my desk at work. This also came from Walmart years ago & sort of matches the floor lamp. They are both the same style, but this glass shade is different & doesn't have the dangly beads. I hung an Eiffel Tower Christmas ornament.

I love to turn on these lamps in the fall or winter instead of using the overhead fluorescent lights. But in the spring & summer we get enough light in from the windows that I don't need any lights on.

I hope that you have enjoyed my lamps from work & the few at home that I had photos of. Now I guess I better get back to work before I get into trouble.

Don't forget to visit the The Nester & check out everyone who is participating.

Thanks for stopping by & don't forget to leave a comment, or just say "Hi!" I need some cheering up.


edited 10:12pm. I have posted a part II for the lampapalooza party. You can catch it here. I posted more of my favorite lamps from home & better photos of a few of the lamps in this post. So be sure to check it out as well.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

You've got some great deals on your lamps! I love the remote control - my hubby would love that too.

Cindy said...

I have a thing for lamps, it was fun seeing all of yours!

Tamara said...

What Walmart do you shop at!?! I go to Walmart A LOT and I have NEVER seen an amazing standing lamp like that! What a find!
Also, thank you for the water/plug tip. Honestly, I have no clue and my husband is NOT Mr. thank you.

susan said...

Kim- I'm so sorry to hear about your boss. I know it will be a hard adjustment to make. Glad you showed us your lamps and made us all a little happier! Love the toile shade!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Kim, I enlarged the picture of the lamp with the little angel on it. That is so pretty! Of course, I love toile lamp shades. You have some wonderful lamps. I sure hope doing a post helped get your mind off of your sadness. I know this loss was such a shock to you, and I am praying for you and for his family. laurie

The Nester said...

Thanks for joining in--you have a lovely home!

Angie said...

Love all your lamps, especially the black and white toile and the Eiffel Tower!

B said...

Hi Lim,
first read your blog fvrom TablescapeThursday. Today Ifound out that you & Becky Sizemore are cousins. Becky's husband is my husband's nephew. Snall weorld, huh?! Any hoo just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog. Will write more later as I've just had a stroke so my hands aren't working 2 good for typing right now. Pleasa visit me

Anonymous said...

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