Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lampapalooza Party Part II

Earlier today I joined in on The Nester's Lampapalooza party. You can see part 1 here. Since I was at work when I posted part 1, I could only use photos I already had on my work computer. But since I am now home I decided I wanted to share some more of my lamps (since I have a lamp obsession). So I hope that you don't mind.

This lamp is my favorite of all our lamps. It is in our living room. I know I showed you this lamp in part 1, but I wanted you to get a better look as it is so beautiful IMHO.
Isn't this sea goddess beautiful. My hubby says she has a name, but has forgotten it.
The dust comes with no extra charge. lol.
This is hubby's salt lamp. It stays on all night as a night light. Can't say that our health is any better having it around. But we still love it.
This is the lamp over our dining room table in our living room area. We got this on clearance I think for 1/2 off. I had eyed this lamp everytime we went to Lowe's & wanted it so bad. But we already had a new light that we put in 4 years ago (also on clearance at Lowe's). So I couldn't justify getting a new light unless it was on sale. So I did the happy dance when this finally went on clearance.
Since all the furniture in our living room is Mission style, I thought this lamp was a better fit than the old one.
Hubby made this little stained glass lamp. I showed it somewhat in part 1, but thought you might want a closer look. It goes great with our dining room light.
This lamp is in our hallway. It makes a nice night light. We bought this at an antique auction. But I am pretty sure it is not an antique. We got caught up in the auction & paid way too much for this. I hope I never fall into that trap again. But I do love this lamp. It is painted on the inside & the flowers in the glass bubble out. The photo doesn't do it justice.
This rooster lamp has a story. I originally bought it at the Welcome Home store quite a few years back. I paid $24.99 for it. I got tired of it & listed it on ebay a year or so ago. It sold for $75.00!!! Can you believe that? But when it arrived at the new owners house, it was broken into a bunch of pieces by UPS. I offered to refund the $75.00 right away but that I would need to make a claim to UPS in order to get the shipping cost back for them, but that would take 10 days. I wasn't going to make the buyers ship back the broken lamp (to save them shipping cost back). The buyers didn't want to wait for UPS claim to get all their money back so they made a claim against me with Paypal. The Paypal claim took 30 days & in the end, Paypal made the seller ship back the broken lamp to me & they had to pay the shipping cost. So insured got their $75.00 back plus the original shipping cost, but had to pay shipping back to me that they didn't get reimbursed for. I got paid the $75.00 from UPS plus the original shipping amount. So I ended up not losing any money on this transaction & the buyer ended up losing money on having to ship back the item. If they had just waited the 10 days for UPS to pay on the claim, they would have gotten all their money back & they could have kept the broken lamp & try to fix it. But I ended up with the broken lamp which hubby carefully glued back together. He used epoxy sculpt to fill in the parts that were missing. He then painted the lamp & ta da, it looks like new. You can't tell it has ever been broken. My hubby actually thinks that the lamp didn't get broken during shipment but that the buyers husband threw it on their tile floor once he found out how much she paid for it (they had a tile floor in the photos they emailed us). He said that is what he would have done. Just kidding. It really did get damaged by UPS or they wouldn't have paid the claim. This lamp is in my family room. My plan is to move it to the kitchen sometime.
This floor lamp was a thrift store find. I didn't take a photo of the entire lamp as I didn't want to move a bunch of magazines on the floor by it. I'm too lazy. The glass shade came from the thrift store as well. Too bad you can't crop out dust. This is in the family room.
This little lamp is a thrift store find. I paid $5.00 for it. And it came with the lamp shade. I actually found 2 exact lamps at different times. I sold the twin on ebay last year. Family room again.
And this chandy is in my family room. I bought this off ebay a couple of years ago. It was brand new. I paid less than $50.00 including shipping for this. I need to find lamp shades, but it is hard to find 9 lamp shades all the same at the thrift store. I did find 9 matching shades at Ross tonight, but 1 of them was smashed. Otherwise I would have purchased them as they were only $1.49 each. My plan is to add crystals to this (I already have them, just too lazy to put on). I'm also thinking about spray painting this black. And again, I didn't dust on your behalf. I wish I had a housekeeper. My blogging life would be so much easier. I wouldn't have to hide my messes & I wouldn't have to apologize for dust.
This lamp is in our bedroom. I showed it in part 1, but thought you might want a better look. It was a clearance lamp from Target for $15.00. The shade was on clearance at Ross for $3.00. I love this lamp.
And we can't forget my bathroom. This lamp originally came from Walmart & had a dome shade with dangling beads (like the stand up lamp in my work office in part 1). It used to be on my dresser where the above lamp now sits. I accidentally knocked it off one night & broke the shade. I had this glass shade in my stash. I always pick up glass shades from the thrift store that I like. The top is a bit large, but it still works. I love having a little lamp in the bathroom at night.

And last but not least, the lamp in our backyard. This is a Scottish cast iron street lamp from the 1830's. The top is copper. It was originally gas but hubby converted to halogen electric bulb.
Here is a photo taken 2 months ago showing the ladderack & the lamp top. We had just planted the flowers in this photo.
And here are the baskets tonight. The flowers look fabulous!!!

So there you have the rest of the lamps in my house that I love. I have other lamps, but these are my favorites. Thanks for taking a look. Now be sure to check out all the participants at the Nesting Place. And be sure to leave me a comment & let me know which lamp you like the best.


Dawn said...

I loved your ideas and I admire your enthusiasm. I am trying to start a blog about my life in an extended family but don't really know how to get other people to read it. How have you managed to get so many links to yours?

Brenda said...

I do need some more outdoor lamps. That's one of the next things on the list. Lamps are an integral part of my decorating. Not just for the looks. But hey, I don't like overhead lights. Too bright. I like the intimacy of lamp lights throughout the house. I probably have about 35! I love that rooster lamp. So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have some gorgeous lamps! And I didn't see any dust at all. ;)

Christina said...

Wow! You have some beautiful lamps. I see you are a Ross shopper too. Love looking for lampshades there (and other things too). The little glass lamp is just lovely.

Have a great weekend.

D said...

I love, love, love your lamp post light. What a great idea, hanging those beautiful flowers from it.

Also, thanks for the sweet comments on my tablescape.

Cindy said...

Oh wow!
such fun lamps, I loved every one, the rooster is fab and so are those chandeliers, but I would really love your outdoor one! Cindy

the pleasures of homemaking said...

The old street light is soooo fabulous! What a neat thing to have! You have some really gorgeous lamps!


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i love your outdoor lamp! that looks so nice.