Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's On Your Wall Wednesday-Living Room

It's time for "What's on Your Wall Wednesday" hosted by Barb at Grits and Glamour. Be sure to visit her to see her cornice boards & find this weeks participants. And then when you are done viewing this post, I have another one with my Outdoor Wednesday post showing the gardens at the Nixon Library. You can view it here.

This week I am going to take you on a little tour of my living room walls. I am lucky to have both a living room & a family room. The living room is where we have my hubby's Mission style furniture that he had before we got married. I got to decorate the walls.

This is the south wall in our Living room as well as the biggest wall to decorate. Here is the left half of the wall.

Here is the center of the wall.
And the right hand side of the wall. The buffet & mirror were my hubby's before we got married. The Lenox bowls on the buffet are hubby's as well. I did a post about them last week. You can find it here (if interested). The print of the ships falling off the edge of the world is my hubby's favorite. We still need to frame it. Right now it sits on an easel. The clock is on the west wall & to the right of that is a window (not shown) and then our huge entertainment center.
This framed print belonged to my hubby. It is really old. I don't know the history of it. I'm sure hubby has told me, but I seem to have forgotten. It sits above our pump organ. I'll have to do a post about the organ someday. It is so hard to get a good photo of pictures with glass. I tried to take it at an angle, but still got reflection.

This mirror wasn't originally a mirror. In it's former life it was a memo board that I purchased from Marshall's. I knew all along that I wanted to make it a mirror. I had square mirror tiles I had picked up for a thrift store years earlier that I knew I could use in this. All I had to do was remove the tin they had in the frame. The mirror was slightly too big, but hubby knows how to cut glass and mirror is nothing but glass, so no problem. Looks like I need to clean my mirror. I love the ornateness of this frame.
This tin sign came from Joann's a couple of years ago. I love the saying.
The clock was a Christmas gift from hubby a few years back. He got it at Walmart. I wanted a big clock for my wall.
This monogram letter came from Kirkland's, at least I think it did. I remember it was $5.00 on clearance. It is made of metal. And did I tell you that I was one of the winners of Barb of Grits and Glamour's fabulous moss monograms? Well I was, I mean, I am. I can't wait till I receive mine. I bought this mirror off of ebay a few years back. I loved it because it is all "frenchy" and we know I love frenchy.

I forgot to take a photo of the garden gate candle holder in this grouping. I got it on clearance from Tender Heart Treasures a few years back.

Here is a close up of the mirror. All of hubby's mission style furniture came from the JC Penney furniture outlet about 6 or so years ago. He got fantastic deals on everything. Some of the prices made him feel like he was stealing. He had to repair some of the furniture, but he is good at doing that.
This clock was hubby's. He found it at a thrift store.
The opening to our living room is on the east side. There is a small wall that is next to the organ. This picture hangs there. The photos were taken by us on our trip to Europe in 2003. This photo didn't turn out very good. The top photo is of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The 2nd photo is the stone archway that sits next to the Colosseum in Rome. The 3rd photo is of Big Ben in London and the last photo is of Venice. If you have never been to Europe you must go. It is fabulous!!! I want to go back someday. It's hard to wrap your head around how old everything is there.
This is also the east wall but on the other side of the entryway to our living room. This is the wall where our couch is. The candle sconces came from ABC Distributing catalog. I love fleur de lis!! Why, because they are frenchy!!! The London & Paris prints came from Walmart.
I loved these prints as they reminded me of our trip to Europe. And I loved the vintage suitcases.
The colors in these 2 prints are fairly muted. Makes them look old & vintage. I can't remember what I paid for them but I'm sure it was less than $20.00 a piece as I'm sure I wouldn't have bought them if they were anymore than that.
The north wall in my living room has a big window in the middle with 2 small areas on either side for hanging things. This is the right side of the window. The mirror came from Bombay years ago. I think it was the first thing I bought from Bombay. The lamp & table were hubby's. The lamp came from Bombay too. It is one of my favorite lamps.
This print was given to me by my sister a couple of Christmas's ago. I just love the mat with all the pictures of Christ.
This is the area on the north wall to the left of the window. You can tell I don't have any drapes on my windows, just the icky blinds. I have drapes, just haven't put them up. I just got hubby to put up the drapes in our bedroom & we have lived in our house for 4 years. I've told you before, I am the procrastination queen. The leaf candle holder came from Target years ago.
Here is a closeup of the picture below. My sis gave me this one at the same time she gave me the Christ one.
And here is the beast that takes up most of our west wall. I've only shown you half of it. The desk area was too much of a mess to share with you today. This part was messy enough. Hubby bought this in sections from the JC Penney furniture outlet. If I had to guess, this beast is probably 10-12 feet wide. It houses our TV, our computer, stereo equipment (at least that is hidden away) as well as all my hubby's knick knacks. Yes, most of the items you see displayed are his.
Well that is what is on my wall in my Living Room. Maybe someday I'll show you photos of the entire room. But I will have to get hubby to clean up his desk area first. As you can probably tell, hubby & I like to collect stuff. There isn't a wall in my house that doesn't have lots of stuff on it or furniture up next to it. I hope I never have to move again. We have too much stuff. But we love our stuff. We need an intervention. Just kidding!!!

Now be sure to check out my Outdoor Wednesday post here.


Stacey said...

Kim, I really like the way you group things on the walls. It looks great. I'm a 'one big picture in the middle' kind of girl. It gets boring!

Lori E said...

Your walls speak so much about who you are. You have a lot of interesting things. A mix of old and new but they all seem to live together happily.

Anonymous said...

Very nice groupings indeed. Keep it real and keep it personal. Definitely big keys.

My personal favorite, wrought iron wall art, is very versatile and looks great in several different designs styles.

Kim, keep up the great work and keep mixing it up.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What a treat for the eyes, these pix were. Love the Paris and London prints. I never would have guessed they came from Walmart! And your "frenchy" mirror is to die for! : )

~CC Catherine said...

Kim, Come over to my blog post today, I have a PLEASANT surprise today for you and I need you to email me your shipping address and your full name to today! ;) I love the items on your wall! Especially the FRANCOIS mirror, the Letter "C", and the PARISIAN print! I'm all about all things French too! ;) ~CC Catherine

Willow said...

Nice selection of home decorative stuff!! I like this leaf candle holder so much...