Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Favorites

This is the 2nd week for Sunday Favorites hosted by my dear sweet blogging friend Chari at Happy to Design. This gives everyone a 2nd chance to view a post they might have missed the first time around. Last week was quite a success so be sure join in on all the fun by visiting Chari by clicking here. You will then find the list of this weeks participants.

My blog is actually a family blog for my extended family. For awhile I was doing a weekly post called Friday Family Face. I sent a questionnaire to everyone in my extended family & asked them to complete the questionnaire & send it back to me with photos of themselves. I then spotlighted a different family member every Friday. This gave everyone in my extended family a chance to get to know one another a little better.

The first week I did this I spotlighted myself. Since most of my new blogging friends don't know much about me, I thought this was the perfect one to repost so that you could. This was originally posted in Sept 2008.

Welcome to the first edition of the Friday Family Face. This week we are spotlighting ME!!!!!

Kim is the oldest of 5 children in the Langston family. She is 50 years young. She is currently married to Mike and between them they have 3 boys, Brandan (his) 25 years old, Brandon (hers) 25 years old & Jesse (his) almost 18 years old. She also has 1 daughter in law Crystal 26 years old & 1 grandson named Gunner who turned 1 in August. Mike & Kim have been married for 2 years but have been together for 12 years.

Kim currently lives in Southern California & purchased her first home 2 1/2 years ago. She works as an insurance agent for a small independent insurance agency selling personal auto & homeowners insurance. Kim hates insurance, but it pays the bills.

Kim also sells on ebay. She has taken a break for the past few months but is looking forward to selling again. She sells Shabby Chic or Cottage decorating style items. Her ebay name is starshinechic.

I asked Kim some questions & this is how she responded:
1) What is your favorite vacation spot or place to travel?
I would have to say my favorite place that I've been is Europe. We went about 5 years ago when Mike turned 50. I loved Paris and Venice the most. I'm hoping to go back someday.

2) What is your favorite food or drink that is not good for you?
My weakness is Pepsi. I'm fat because of Pepsi. What more can I say?

3) What has been your biggest challenge or something you struggle with?
I would have to say my weight. I love to eat & drink Pepsi. I'm a social eater. I love the taste of food. If there is food around, I will eat it.

4) What are you really good at?
I'm probably best at being busy & getting nothing accomplished.

5) What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager?
I loved David Cassidy & Donny Osmond. Oh and the Monkees (that was more as a child)

6) What do you love about being a grandparent?
I love that I get to do all the fun stuff & don't have to do the bad stuff.

7) What surprises you the most about adult life?
That you have many more rules to follow than when you were a child.

8) What is your favorite thing to do?
I love to go shopping at antique stores or thrift stores. I don't get to do that as much as I would like. Old Town Temecula has a lot of neat antique stores.

9) What is your favorite decorating style?
I love Shabby Chic, but unfortunately I live in a household of boys. So I only get to decorate my office at work this way. My china hutch at home is decorated this way too. I also love black & white, especially toile. My bedroom is done in this style.

10) Are you a morning or night person?
Definitely a night person. I don't go to bed until midnight. The only night I have trouble staying up late is New Years Eve. Murphy's law or something like that.

11) What are you listening to?
I love oldies. Especially the 70's. I love old rock, disco. I don't listen to much current music. Mostly oldies & talk radio. I don't own an I pod.

12) What has been the hardest decision in life so far?
The hardest decision was getting a divorce from Brandon's dad. But it worked out OK as I am finally happy.

13) What is your favorite memory of Grandma & Grandpa Manning?
Going on vacation with them to Yellowstone. I went fishing for the fist time, talked to much, ate too much chicken, saw my first moose & bear and rescued a wounded bird. I was 8 years old & had so much fun.

14) What is your favorite childhood or teenage memory?
When I was a teenager we went to G&G's for Christmas. Wanted a white Christmas really bad but it wasn't in the forecast. Went to bed on Christmas Eve with no snow & woke up Christmas morning to about 6 inches of snow. It was magical!!!

15) What is one word that describes you?

So now you know a little bit about me. I hope you still like me. And did you laugh when you saw my photos? I know I was brave to repost this. But we're friends right?


Our really empty nest said...

Kim that was fun to revisit your blog and get to learn a bit about you! i am like you, if there is food i will eat it, wish that wasnt the case but it is. I have written down the must see places in Sedona and will post in August upon our return, cant wait! Thanks for stopping by, sue

xinex said...

It was wonderful to know you, Kim and I like you even more now....Christine

Cass @ That Old House said...

How nice to get to know you better! What a good idea. :-) Cass
PS I love Europe, too!

Sue said...

Kim, I love the part about you being fat because of Pepsi! LOL I love Coke and Dr. Pepper, so I guess they are MY nemesis! Oh, yeah, that and all the other stuff my hand "force feeds" into my mouth..... Sue

OCDesigner ~Athella said...

A fellow pepsi drinker!
I got brave last week and posted my picture too. I know exactly what you mean. I loved your post!

Vivienne said...

First, it's always good to have a peacemaker around. I loved all your pictures and I will be checking out your ebay stuff!
(I also think it's a crack-up that you have 2 Brando/ans just with an a or an o. Do you have a special way to refer to them (like Brandan A...?)
Thanks for coming by to visit me.

Chandy said...

Great re-post, Kim! I liked all the family pictures! Glad to know you a little more... ;-)

Chari said...

Hello Kim...

My friend, I'm just so happy that you decided to join in with all the fun of "Sunday Favorites" again this week!!!

What a great repost this very interesting and informative post about you so we all can get to know you a little better!!! Girl, I still can't get over all of the similarites that we share! hehe!!! The photo of you when you were about 7 or 8...I do declare that I had a dress just like that, if not it was very close! And I wore it with my white bobby socks and saddle oxfords too!!! Hehe!!! Too cute!!! I also spotted that pretty camaro that you were driving..right away! What year was it? I'm guessing it was a 1970??? That is Russell's big thing...he restores 2nd Gen. camaros (1970-73) We have 3 right now...hehe!!! I loved reading all of your answers...oh yes, I was going to say how strange is that...that you and your honey both have Brandons and they're the same age??? That's almost a Twilight Zone coincidence!!! hehe!!! Thanks for sharing this post and a little more about yourself to all of us, my friend!!!

Have a super Sunday!
Love ya,