Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Family Face - John

This week we are spotlighting my cousin John. You are probably wondering where are the photos of John? John did not send me any photos, even though I asked for some. So you will have to be entertained by his witty answers instead of looking at his intensely good looking photos (lol). Here are his answers to the questions:
  1. Your full name?
    John Warren Bunker
  2. Your age?
    44½, roughly
  3. Spouse's name?
    My girlfiend's name is "Sarah Hughes". No, she's not the ice skater. Sarah is an ice hockey player.
  4. Children's names & ages?
    I do have two cats: Chloe is 14 and The Little Cat is 5.
  5. Job description
    Software developer in Silicon Valley. My official title is "Senior Technical Implementation Consultant". I customize financial compliance software for, well, customers. Technically it's writing Javascript and HTML and editing PDFs.
  6. Where do you live?
    San Jose, CA (in house with my two cats; see #4 above)
  7. Places you have lived
    Simi Valley, Chico, Fremont, Santa Clara, all in California
  8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    Maybe Southern France or Central Oregon.
  9. Education
    HS Diploma, BS in Computer Science with minors in Math & Physics (CSU Chico)
  10. One word that describes you?
  11. Happiest childhood memory?
  12. Happiest memory of teenage years?
  13. Happiest moment in life?
  14. What makes you happy?
    Flying formation well, playing hockey, joking around with Sarah (see #3 above).
  15. What makes you laugh?
    Joking around with my friends.
  16. What makes you cry?
    Movies. Potent realizations. Loss. Songs, e.g. "Over the Rainbow".
  17. What scares you?
    Heights, edges of.
  18. What has been your biggest challenge or something you struggle with?
    I'm still working on world hunger.
  19. Who has been the biggest influence on your life, or who is your hero?
  20. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?
    Spend a lot of time on the phone talking the ones I love. Eat breakfast for dinner.
  21. Before you die, you would like to:
    Live. I guess I could expand on that...
  22. What do you (or did you) want to be when you grow (grew) up?
    Astronaut / Scientist
  23. What is your ultimate goal in life?
    Besides answering all these questions? To love and be loved in return.
  24. What has been your greatest accomplishment?
    Well, I tied my shoes on my own this morning...
  25. What do you think is the world's biggest problem?
    Water scarcity.
  26. Are you a spiritual person?
    Yes, sometimes no.
  27. What is something you believe in?
  28. What has been your hardest decision in life so far?
    Hard to say since once the decision is made, it does not seem so hard anymore.
  29. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
    It depends on what you think crazy is. Flying 2/3rds the way across the country solo in my little plane some people consider crazy.
  30. What are your goals for the next 5 years
    Having my own family.
  31. What are you really good at?
    Being patient.
  32. Do you weigh yourself? And if so, how often?
  33. What are you listening to these days?
    Juliana Hatfield, Led Zeppelin, Fountains of Wayne.
  34. What song describes you & your life?
    Don't know, probably something by the Beatles from Abbey Road or that era.
  35. What are you most proud of?
    Heck, I don't know, buying a house in Silicon Valley on my own?
  36. What is something no one knows about you?
    It's impossible to answer that question.
  37. Are you a dog or cat person?
    Cat. Want to see the bite marks (from the dog)?
  38. Are you a morning or night person?
  39. What is your pet peeve?
    Smokers. Do not want.
  40. What do you love about your spouse?
    She is considerate and caring of others.
  41. When & where did you meet your spouse?
    Playing ice hockey in San Jose.
  42. What keeps your marriage spicy?
  43. When & where you married?
  44. What do you love about motherhood or fatherhood?
  45. What do you love about being a grandparent?
  46. What is your theme song?
    Over the Rainbow
  47. What is your motto?
    It's a vague feeling more than a set of words, but it can be captured in a kharmic word jumble like: Live and let live.
  48. What celebrity crushes did you have as a teen?
    Princess Leia of course.
  49. One thing you love about your body?
    It's easy to clean.
  50. Something on your mind lately is?
    What was the last time I visited my friends and family?
  51. Your life would be more simpler if?
    I didn't have a job.
  52. What surprises you most about your adult life?
    Why haven't I been to to moon yet? Hey, where's my jet pack?
  53. Who would you love to meet living or dead?
  54. What is the nicest compliment anyone has offered you?
  55. Name 2 objects you use in your everyday life
    1/4 cup for measuring cat food. Pencil.
  56. What are you going to be for Halloween?
    Human male, Western Coast American Edition, i.e. nothing.
  57. What are you going to do for Thanksgiving?
    Going to girlfriend's parent's house at Lake Tahoe.
  58. What are you going to do for Christmas?
    Drink eggnog and eat cookies and M&Ms.
  59. Favorite food or drink?
    Dark beer. Dark bread. Yams.
  60. Favorite food or drink that is not good for you?
    Dutch Babies with loads of powered sugar.
  61. Favorite treat or dessert?
    Candied Yams.
  62. Favorite ice cream?
    Mint chocolate with something crunchy.
  63. Favorite place to eat out?
  64. Favorite vacation spot or place to travel?
    Airplane adventures somewhere east of San Jose.
  65. Favorite color?
  66. Favorite movie?
    My Life as a Dog
  67. Favorite book?
    Too many to choose. I really like Siddartha and Stranger in a Strange Land.
  68. Favorite thing to do or favorite pastime?
    Flying, Ice Hockey, petting cats
  69. Favorite holiday & why?
  70. Favorite decorating style?
    Art Deco
  71. Favorite day of week & why?
    Sunday. Get to sleep in, relax, get to do whatever I want to.
  72. Favorite time of day & why?
    Those 9 minutes after hitting the snooze bar.
  73. Favorite thing about yourself?
    My relaxed attitude.
  74. Favorite memory of Grandma & Grandpa Manning?
    Grandma hosing my siblings and me off in the backyard before going in her house because we were at my other grandparent's farm down the road. No, we were not that dirty. Grandma was a nutter.
  75. Favorite possession?
    Datsun 240Z which my mom owned, if I had to pick just one thing.
  76. Your advice to others?
    Choose Again.
Thanks John for doing the questionnaire. It is quite fun to see how everyone answers the questions. I'm pretty much out of questionnaires to post, so if you haven't completed a questionnaire, please do so now & email back to me. If you need another copy, email me at & I'll be more than happy to send you the questionnaire. We need to more about you!!!

I probably won't be doing show and tell on Monday, but may do it tomorrow instead. Why? I will be out of town on Monday enjoying myself in Las Vegas. So I won't be near a computer in order to do my posting. So if I have the time tomorrow, I will post about New Years Eve with Eric's family. It was quite fun!!!

But nothing is stopping any of you from posting Monday after your New Years. Hint, hint!!!!

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Prescott family said...

Hey John,
Great to hear all about you! It's great to know you are still as funny as ever... I love your comment about Grandma - she was a nutter!!!