Friday, January 9, 2009

I have a toothache!!!!!!!

I should go to the Dentist. But to me a Dentist is like this:

This is what I have been taking. But it takes about an hour or more before it works:

I'm going to go to the store & buy this to try:This is what I really wish I could take (the good ole days):

I have this phobia about dentists, probably because of the dentist we were forced to endure when we were kids. Last time I was at the dentist was about 5 years ago & it cost me $6,000. And all the work this particular dentist did now has to be redone. I am not a happy camper. Is there a statue of limitations on suing a dentist? Can you sue a dentist? I'd really like to sue, as every crown that he put in my mouth now needs to be replaced. Did I tell you I hate dentists?

And now, I need to find a dentist up where we now live. I really don't want to go to the dentist, but this toothache is leaving me no choice. I now have to choose another dentist & again endure the pain of dental work. Isn't there a dentist out there who knows what he is doing so that I won't be in pain? I hate dentists!!!! But I hate pain more!!!!!


P.S. Friday Family Face will be postponed indefinitely. It's not that I have run out of family members to spotlight, it's just that no one else has responded to my questionnaire.


Your Momma Somma said...

I empathize, I was in that boat not long ago (remember Mexico?). It is not fun. Ask around for a good recommendation. The sooner you go the sooner you can eat with out pain. BTW- I know a great endodontist in Tijuana!

Prescott family said...

I don't mind the dentist as much as I hate his BILL! I'm sure I will be in the same boat as you soon... I'm just afraid it will be a root canal (they say if it hurts that's what it means...) I beg to differ! My feeling is, how can something as small as a tooth cost so much? I'm sure dentists charge much more than what it really costs to do what they do. It seems like when we go, they want us to get everything done - even things that aren't needed - just to make more money!!!
Good luck to you...

Prescott family said...

How's the tooth feeling?

Jodi said...

How's your tooth ache? I hope you go to the dentist soooooon.

Kira said...

Most of the people in our family hate the dentist just as much as you do! I too had a bad dentist a few years ago, and my new dentist had to fix a cavity that the former dentist did. Now, I might have to get a root canal in that tooth in a few years! My new dentist is great, if you want to come to Orem, Ut I can hook you up with him. He is a perfectionist and even spends the time to make sure your bite is exactly how you like it! Let me know if you want to come to Utah. HaHaHa.