Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's official. I'm old.

On Tuesday I decided to stop by a Ross store on my way home from work. Usually Brandon & I carpool, but this past Tuesday I went in to work late, so I drove my own car. So I thought I would take advantage of having my own car and stop to do some shopping on the way home. Ssshhh, don't tell Mike I went shopping. I'm not suppose to be spending any money.

Well, I found some cute boxes that I could use in my closet to store papers. You know, the kind of papers you need to keep. Like receipts, warranty papers, instruction booklets, etc. You get the picture. I hate these kind of papers!!! They make such a mess. I have piles of paper in my bedroom. I'm drowning in papers. So I thought if I got some pretty little boxes to store the unsightly paperwork in, it might make my life feel a little more organized. At least I won't have to look at the papers anymore.

Now back to my story, the 2 boxes were marked $5.99. That is like $3.00 a piece. So I figured the price was within my budget, so I decided to buy them. So I proceeded to the checkout. Lucky for me, no one else was in line. Have you ever been to Ross & no one was in line? I know, it's a rarity. So I did my happy dance all the way up to the register. The girl rang up my purchase & told me that the total was $5.86 or something like that. I thought, cool, they must be having a sale as I the total was less than $6.00. And with tax, the total should have been more like $6.60. So I did another happy dance & paid for my purchase before the girl changed her mind.

As I was leaving the store I looked down at my receipt to see why the price was less than expected. It said 10% senior discount. SENIOR DISCOUNT? I'm not a senior. I'm only 50!!! I still have 5 more years till I should be considered a senior!!! I was mortified that the "Teeny bopper" thought I was 55 years old. It seems Tuesdays at Ross is senior discount day, seniors 55 & older get a 10% discount. The "girl" didn't ask me my age, or ask for my ID. She ASSUMED that I was 55!!!!!

My first thought was to hightail it back in the store & confront the "Young Thing". But the smarter part of me said "WOO HOO, I GOT A DISCOUNT!!!" I then felt like the woman in the "Ikea" commercial. But I didn't have anyone to yell "Start the car, start the car". So I did a happy dance by myself all the way back to the car and smiled all the way home.

Yup, I'm officially old. But I got a discount!


marty39 said...

It is really a shock the first time someone thinks you're a Senior. lol I do agree though that the discounts out weigh the comment. Enjoy the savings. Marty

Prescott family said...

That reminds me of the first time I didn't mind when someone called me Ma'am... I guess there does come a time when it's not worth being upset about growing old... everyone will have to do it eventually, right? I think a discount is good no matter the reason!!!
Oh & I have NEVER been to Ross when there wasn't a line. Tuesday was your lucky day!!

Momovthree said...

Hmmm...I'm not sure how I would have felt. I'm thrifty so I probably would have been just excited about the discount! lol

Thank you for coming over to look at my shelf! I'm still catching up on comments, it's been a busy week. Have a wonderful weekend.