Monday, January 26, 2009

I wanna be a Rock Star!!!!!

Oh my gosh, I wanna be a rock star!!!!

I could totally be a rock star!!!!

Who am I kidding? I'm too old, fat and ugly to be a rock star. Not to mention that I can't sing. But if I could, I'd be a rockin' rock star!!! Oh yeah!!!!

Last night we were invited over to Eric's house for dinner. While we were waiting for dinner, the kids were upstairs playing "Rock Band" on Cade's Wii game system. Cade just got "Rock Band" for his birthday at the beginning of the month. Have you ever played? If not, you've got to try. It is soooooo much fun. I'm hooked. I'm sure Guitar Hero is the same, but I wouldn't know as I haven't tried it, but now I'm willing.

Cade has the whole setup: two guitars (one lead, one bass), drums, microphone. So from one to four people can play at any one time. You first pick a song, pick a "persona", choose which instrument you want to play, pick a difficulty level & then go. I started off with bass and picked the easy version as well. You have to push colored keys on the neck of the guitar & push down a lever at the same time the colored note races across the screen. And I mean "race" across the screen. It was a little difficult at first, but being the musical genius that I am (insert laugh here), I picked it up quite fast. After just a couple of songs, I moved my difficulty level up to medium. You can really work up a sweat being a rock star. I wonder how many calories I burned?

I tried drums next. Drums were a bit harder. You need to stay on beat with drums or you can get lost real fast. Then I moved onto singing. I didn't care that I can't sing, I belted out the songs in my best rock star voice. Finally I tried lead guitar. That was the hardest.

Everyone but Brandon (he wasn't interested in playing) had a good time trying out all the instruments. I was the only one from my family who tried singing, probably cause I am old & no longer care about being embarrassed. Plus it was just mine & Eric's family. If anyone else had been there, I probably wouldn't have sung. But then again. The rock star in me just couldn't be contained.

Eric's family had us beat as they have been practicing for the past 2 weeks. Cade was the best. He can play most of the songs & instruments at expert level. I was impressed.

I may just have to get me some "Rock Band" or "Guitar Hero" for my kids X-box so I can practice & become the superstar I was born to be.

P.S. I was going to post a video Mike made of us playing & Eric singing, but the video came out too dark & you can't see anyone. But you can still hear Eric singing. Too bad, it would have been great.


Erin Winters said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! I don't think I would have been brave enough to sing if anyone besides my kids were around. They don't know any better, so they think I sing just fine. :)

Langston Family said...

My kids laugh at me when I sing, but I love it!! It's so much fun playing Rock band. My wife and son are playing right now!! If you get a chance to play, try it you'll like it. It's very addicting like Kim said. See ya, Eric's Family.