Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jodi & Todd

UPDATE: Jodi & Todd are actually 47 today. Jodi advised me of my mistake. Why would anyone want to admit that they are older is beyond me. Whatever!

Today is Jodi & Todd's, ahem, 46th birthday. Since they are twins, they have no choice but to share a birthday.

Each year I always call Jodi to remind her that it is Todd's birthday. She always says it is her birthday too. And I always say "You don't say!". It's our annual tradition. I guess I better go call her.

Happy birthday Todd!!!!

Oh, and Happy birthday Jodi!!!


Jodi said...

You better check your math. We are 47 today not 46.

Remember you will be 51 this year and we are 4 years younger than you.

Prescott family said...

Oh no, I am gonna get it!! I forgot to call Jodi on her birthday. I'm sure I won't hear the end of it! That's what happens when you are extremely busy (ha ha ha!)...
BTW, Feel free to not use how old I will be on my birthday (PLEASE!)... I still think I am only 29 (HA!). Denial is a wonderful thing.