Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My favorite Christmas Presents (Kira Pope)

My favorite Christmas presents this year, besides having a baby this year, were a brand new BOSCH Mixer with all the super-i-duperi attachments and a video baby monitor. I received the monitor as a late Christmas present. Stew had it set up and ready to use when I got home from California. It is my new best friend. I am now free to go anywhere in the house and not have to worry about not hearing the baby. Also, I do not have to run upstairs each time I think I hear her awake. I can just look at the live video feed and see if she is awake or just making noises in her sleep. Thanks, Stew, for my wonderful gifts!


Kim Chalfant said...

The video monitor is way cool!!! I could have used one of those 25 years ago. But you will miss out on all the exercise going up & down the stairs.

Thanks for posting. I love this getting to know each other better.

Prescott family said...

You lucky girl!! My brother in law & his wife have one of those & I am just sad that they didn't come up with that years ago!! I could have used one. I always wondered what my babies did after I put them in their crib to sleep - you can spy on them without the fear of getting caught. I am so jealous (but not enough to have another baby!!). You enjoy it... me on the other hand will just wait for grandkids!

Katie and Seth said...

That monitor is so cool!!! It is awesome that you are able to see Kylee as she sleeps!!! The Bosh is way cool too!!! Have you used it yet? Love ya Rose!!!