Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm officially on the bandwagon

TA DAH!!!! I just finished reading "Twilight". It only took me 2 months to do so. I know all you hard core Twilight fans are wondering how it could have taken me so long to finish this book. But you have to understand that when I started reading this, I had not read a book in about 12 years. I can hear all the gasps coming from your lips. Plus I was trying to read it at midnight & I was usually so tired it was all I could do to read one chapter. Then the holidays came & I got sick. You get the picture.

Then a week or so ago we drove to Vegas. I had nothing better to do in the car than to read. So I picked up the book again & started reading. I got about 1/2 way through the book by the time we got to Vegas. My plan was to finish the book on the drive home. But since we didn't drive home until it was already dark, I had to scrub my original plans. Plus I didn't have a flashlight in order to read in the dark.

So the book sat for the past 10 days, just waiting for me to finish it. Two nights ago I decided I wanted to finish the book. There was nothing I wanted to see on TV & I really didn't want to finish putting all my Christmas decorations away, so I decided I would finish the book. I went to my bedroom & turned on every light possible (when you get old, you need lots of light in order to see) and started reading. I read until Mike came to bed at 11:30pm. I then had no choice as to put the book down. But I was at a really good part. I didn't want to put it down, but I did because I love my hunny hubby more.

Last night I had planned on putting away the rest of my Christmas decorations & finally get my family room back to normal. But there was this little devil on my shoulder that said "You don't want to clean, cleaning can always wait, besides you know what you really want, you want to read about vampires & love!!!!" Then an angel on my other shoulder cleared her throat & said "Excuse me Kim, but you don't want to be lazy slob, you want a clean and organized house. It will make you feel so much better. You will feel like you got something accomplished. And besides it is now the 13th of January. Christmas was 3 weeks ago, get your butt moving!!!"

I'm sorry to report that the devil won. I hurried up & cooked dinner, we had tacos & they were very yummy, did the dishes and slinked off to my bedroom. I crawled into my bed & started reading again. Mike came in at 11:30 to go to bed & said "Are you still reading that book? Do you think you have enough lights on in here? What you need is a reading lamp." I shot him a look & answered "Yes, No, Yes". I told him I thought about using his flashlight, but I would have to hold it & my arm would have gotten too tired. He said what I needed was a head lamp. Good idea hunny! Now shutup and let me go back to reading (I didn't really say this, but I thought it) .

This time the book won over the hunny. I told him to just go to sleep, I was almost done with the book & I didn't need anymore interuptions. I said it in a nice & loving way! I finally finished the book about 12:15am.

So there you have it, I am officially on the Twilight bandwagon. It wasn't the best book I've ever read, but I can totally understand why everyone of the female species loves this book. I now have to ask Taylor or Danica if I can borrow the next book in the series. And now I need to go see the movie. Anyone want to go?


Prescott family said...

I don't get the hype either... and I doubt I will cave in (like you, ha ha ha). I have absolutely NO interest in reading these books & the fact that everyone says I should makes me not want to more. A little rebellious in my old age, huh? Yes, I guess so. Unlike you, I have read many books in the last 12 years & am currently reading a Mary Higgins Clark novel. I can't read books very often because like you, I tend to neglect EVERYTHING else once I get into them! Jamey hates it when I read, so I tend to do it more on my lunch break or when he is out of town just to make peace. :o) Congrats, now you need to clean your house!!!

Jodi said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Once you start reading her books you won't want to do anything else. I have the next book if you want to borrow it. I have read them all twice and I want to read them again. I just figured out that I have read 14 books since Thanksgiving. Mom hates it when I get engrossed in a book because I forget about everything and everyone. Enjoy reading the next book.

Kira said...

I'm in the middle of the last book of the series. Like you I am not totally enthralled with them, but I do like the second half of the books the best. I too, have the same issues you had about people interupting the good parts. I would be reading and my husband would decide to start talking to me. The funny thing is that he would not get my attention before he began the conversation; he would just start talking. I would hear him say something but it wouldn't be until a bit into what he was saying that I would realize he was talking to me. (He likes to talk to the TV somethings, especially his sports) It would frustrate me that I had to stop reading. :-) I guess that is what life will be like for the rest of my life seeing that we are planning to have more kids in the future and my husband will always be around. Thanks for the post!