Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nathan's 17th Birthday

This is Kevin, David & Jamey

Andrea & Dad


Kevin & Kathryn

Nathan Opening my Card (He looks alot like the cat!!!!)

Yesterday Andrea and Jamey had a Birthday Party for Nathan who turned 17. Here are some pictures that I took at the party enjoy!!!!


Kim Chalfant said...

Looks like you had fun. Happy Birthday Nate!

P.S. Why wasn't I invited?

Prescott family said...

Sorry Kim, you probably can't see in the pictures that my house isn't big enough for everyone to come... plus it's a long way to come for the evening! Hopefully the next birthday will be on a warm sunny day so I can invite everyone!! (and do it outside).

Prescott family said...

I forgot to add... you can hardly tell that dad is in incredible pain & burning up in the one photo of him, huh? He has been passing kidney stones & was very uncomfortable... poor dad! Thanks for coming to the party anyway. I hope you feel better soon.
PS - Not so nice of you to pass this down to your posterity though!!

Langston Family said...

Happy B-day Nate!!! Hope everyone is doing good. Sorry to here Dad is having kidney stones, they suck!!! Tell Jamey to call me !! Thanks, Eric

Launi said...

Your dad has the same sweet smile that I remember as a kid. I always loved his laugh. It's fun to see Andrea too. She is lovely.