Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tablescape Thursday-Miracles do happen

I'm late!!!! But better late than never.

For this week's tablescape I am not posting anything new. What, nothing new? Why then are you posting? Well, I need to prove to everyone that miracles really do happen.

I started participating in this weekly tablescaping party as an excuse to show off some of my plates that I collect. I hadn't really expected it to be anything more than that. But it has finally turned into something so much more. So much more, that I would classify it as a full blown miracle.

Let me go back a little in time for you to explain why I consider this a miracle. I grew up in a family who always ate dinner together at the table. Each night we would gather as a family to sit down to the table to enjoy the dinner my mom had prepared for us (we usually did help). Even when I got married for the first time & had my son, we ate dinner at our small little table. But when I got divorced, that all changed. My son and I started eating at the coffee table by the TV. I can hear you all gasp now. I know, I know, I was turning to the dark side. We just found it easier to eat this way. Well, we at least sat on the floor at the coffee table. So technically, we were still eating at a table. (Am I good at justifying or what?)

But as my son got older, he would start taking his dinner to his room to eat & I just plopped down on the couch to eat. We were no longer eating as a family or even eating at any kind of table.

Flash forward to 2006. That is the year I got married to my current & fabulous husband and we purchased our first home. When we moved to our home we combined 2 households of furniture and we are lucky enough to have not one but two dining room tables. So you'd think that since we were a new combined family (his son moved in with as well) that we would start eating together as a family sitting at one of the tables.

But no, this did not happen. We had all been so used to eating at the couch, or in our rooms. So that is how my household has worked. We never really thought about it. We only sat & ate at our table if we had company. That's what tables were for, company, not for regular family meals. And we were fine with that. Time for an intervention.

Well, a week or so back my sister, who shall remain nameless, ratted us out. She told all of you that we don't even eat at our table. I know you all were in shock. So, I decided it was time to change. It was time we officially became a family & start eating at our table.

So what better way to start our rehab program than with Valentine's Day and using a table I set up for Tablescape Thursday. Well it was a combo of the 2 tables I had previously shown you. So here is the proof that miracles really do happen. We are actually eating dinner at our table with real plates, silverware & glasses. And we don't have any company. It's just us, enjoying a pleasurable family dinner. Can you beilieve it? I know my family won't. That is why I am posting a photo as proof. They would never believe me without proof.

We had a faboulous dinner of steak, garlic mashed potatoes, corn, salad, shrimp cocktail & I had broccoli (no one else in my family likes it). I gave each person a little box full of candy. For dessert we had Valentine Funfetti cupcakes. And of course, my family had to have Pepsi to drink. I should own stock in that company. We had great conversation & no one was killed or maimed in the process. I would call it one successful dinner.

Aren't you proud of me? I know what you next question is, "Have you continued to eat at your table since Valentine's Day?". Well, I hate to admit that the answer is no. Baby steps people, baby steps!!! Our rehab will be slow, but I feel that someday we will work up to eating at our table as a family for at least a few nights a week. Can you ask for more than that? Don't answer that question.

Now surf on over to visit Susan at Between Naps On The Porch to see the links to all the fabulous tablescapes for this week. Who knows, tablescaping might just make a miracle happen for you. I know it did for me.


Prescott family said...

I am SO impressed!! You were right when you said your family wouldn't believe it without proof. Thanks for sharing the picture... now my mouth is watering & I am wondering where to get my hands on a steak & garlic potatoes!! Yum.

Susan said...

Are you eating dinner at the table every night?

Chari said...

Hi Kim...

I'm just coming from your office wall art post!

Well my friend, I can completely don't feel you are alone when it comes to sitting down at the table for supper!!! When my 3 daughters were at home (1st marriage), we faithfully sat at the table and ate every meal together as a family! I do believe that is an important fascet to family life. Fast forward to my 2nd it's just my honey and me and we usually sit in our big easy chairs in the living room and watch TV while eating! that the right thing to do? I say, whatever works!!! Hehe!!!

I do commend you for having a special family Valentines dinner together though! The menu sounded scrumptious!!! And yes...I do still believe in miracles!!!

Warmest wishes, my friend!

CC said...

Hello! I love the cherubs and the pink salad plates! Cute!

Carolyn- it's my first time today, too!

Fifi Flowers said...

That sounds like a nice menu and nice that everyone got along!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Great post,Kim!

Linda said...

Good for you! Sounds like a wonderful meal and hopefully you have won them over to a new tradition. Linda

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I loved this post! Good for you! Your menu sounds wonderful.

Tracy said...

Hi! It's my first visit, thanks for stopping by my blog today.

What a great post! You know, in my cynical moments I think blogging is just a way to present ourselves to the world in the precise way we would like them to see us: free of faults and with perfectly arranged, spotless homes. Certainly there are few of us who can say we really live that way, and I am not one of them.

I will say I have maintained the tradition started when I first got married of eating dinner every night at the table when anyone is home, though these days it's usually just my youngest daughter and I. But, if no one is around, I eat in front of the TV or the computer.

PS Sounds like you picked out a great menu to lure your family to the table!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Hey, you've got to start somewhere, so good for you. Did you know that they say that kids who sit down to dinner in the same spot get fewer colds then kids who do not. Isn't that interesting?

Shelia said...

Great post! Glad you have a photo for proof!
Be a sweetie and thanks for visiting me today.
shelia ;)

Susan said...

Running late this week visiting blogs....

Hope you had a great Tablescape Thursday


xinex said...

Congratulations! There's always a beginning, right? Yummy menu and you all look so happy!...Christine

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by and seeing my first Tablescape, and for your sweet comments.

Thank you fro sharing your story.
My husband and i sit on the ocuch and eat too, and watch Jeopardy together. (romantic huh!)

I asked him to join me at the bird nest table, and he declined.
I will ask again another day.

I will leave that little table set up, so i can do future T on. it.

I think it is great you have a blog to keep the family in touch.

Barbara Jean

Dixie said...

Kim... this is my first visit to your blog and I just loved your story of getting back to the dining room table to eat...

Our stories are similar... I was divorced for 10-years when I met Ricky and married him 8-months later in 2003. We're still trying to mesh those two households (something only someone that has gone through it would understand)... but we are gloriously happy with 6 adult kiddos (3-his 3-mine) and 3-grandkiddos (all mine.. but Ricky adores them and they adore him!)
I look forward to coming back and reading some of your older posts to get to know you better!
thanks for visiting me at French Lique! blessings. Dixie

Linda said...

Great! I think we ,even though two of us at home, need to eat at the table more together too. When we are both here, that is what I am working on.
Thanks for stopping in my blog today. I laughed because I too was back at Marshalls today. Went back for the dinner plates to the fruit dishes I showed. But then they had new things in and I also got some Transferware red and white dishes also. I need to be on Intervention for a dish addiction!!LOL
At leas your and my great minds think alike Kim, ha!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Congratulations!!! How about picking one night a week that you all eat together? it's a start!
make it fun and they'll be back!
Have a fabulous week!