Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Themed Thursday-Furry Friends Real or Faux

It's the 2nd week of Themed Thursday sponsored by KD at Southern Whimsy. This weeks theme is Furry friends real or faux. I've decided to show you my collection of Teddy Bears. When you are done looking, go on over to Southern Whimsy & check out what everyone else is sharing. Oh yeah, you can click on any photo to make it larger (if you want).

These 3 bears I have in my office at work. The one on the left my hubby gave me for Valentine's Day a few years back. The middle bear I bought from Tender Heart Treasures. The bear on the right is suppose to go in my game room at home, but I forgot until today that he was at work. I'm not sure where I got him.

Here are some more bears I keep at work. The left bear is another Valentine bear. The middle bear I think was from Valentine's day as well. The bear on the right I bought for myself as it was too cute to pass up. I love her sweater!
This bear I bought off ebay for $2.00. Can you believe it? He is probably at least 15" tall. He stays at work as well. Doesn't he look a little sad? He shouldn't be, he has lots of friends to keep him company.
This is the last bear I keep at work. I got this bear in Munich Germany in 2003. Don't you love her outfit? I could kick myself that I didn't buy the matching boy bear as well. I also bought a Steiff bear in Germany, but he is hidden away in a closet somewhere. At least I hope he is.
These 2 bears are my Valentine Bears in my family room at my house. I do have a matching boy bear to the one on the left, but not sure where he is. Maybe he is off buying a Valentine's gift.
This Boyd's bear sits on a shelf in my hallway. I love bears with hats. I can't resist them.
This bear I bought at Walmart a long time ago. The dress came from Tender Heart Treasures years ago as well. I combined the two to make a cute country looking bear.
Not sure where I got this bear. Just thought it was cute.
This is my newest bear. It is a Steiff bear & I bought it at FAO Schwarz toy store in Vegas last month. Can you believe this store has a one year return policy? I couldn't either. So if I get bored with this bear, I could always take it back in a year. Yeah right. Me get rid of a bear? If it was ugly I might consider it, but he is too cute to return. He came in this cute little suitcase. It even has travel stickers on the lid. Toooooo cuuuuuute.

This sweet little Boyd's bear sits in a tea cup. I love her purple hat!!!

Isn't this Boyd's bear precious? I love her felt hat & sweater.
These 2 Boyd's bears sit in our bedroom guarding the door. The bigger one has a music box inside. I used to collect music boxes, so this was a "2FER1" deal.
This is my real furry friend Missy. She is sleeping on my son's desk chair. It is her newest "favorite" place to sleep. She is about 12 years old. She was my MIL's cat until my MIL passed away. Missy is what we inherited. She is the sweetest cat.
My husband isn't too fond of Missy as she scratched up his beloved leather couch. After that, she was banned from the house for about 2 years. She has only been able to come back into the house since October & she must stay in my son's room. She is pretty good at doing so. Every once in awhile she ventures out & sometimes hides under our bed. She's not too fond of my hubby either (cause he is a meanie). The rest of my family adores her. Even my sister in law who is highly allergic to cats will pet her & love her when she comes over to visit.

And finally we have my grandson Gunner laying on the bear we got him for Christmas from Costco. It is made for a child to lay on it on the floor. The head of the bear is like a pillow. Gunner likes to lay on the floor to watch movies so when I saw this huge teddy bear rug, I had to get it for him.

Here is Gunner on Christmas morning right after he opened up the bear rug. He loved it. He carried around the house all Christmas day.
So as you can see, I love bears. Well at least the Teddy Bear kind of bears. I wouldn't want to meet up with a real bear. I guess my love of Teddy Bear's started when I was 8 years old & my grandparents took me to Yellowstone. I saw the grizzly bears & my Grandma bought me my first Teddy Bear. It came with a collar & leash. I thought it was the greatest. I wish I still had it.

I do have my most precious bears put away. I saved the first 2 teddy bears my son got when he was a baby 25 years ago. And I still have the bear that my best friend in high school made for me. As well as my first Steiff bear. I hope I can find them one day.

I hope you have enjoyed my collection. Now be sure to leave me a comment & then run over to Southern Whimsy to see some more furry friends. Next weeks theme will be "Shoes". I'll have to think about that one. I'm not a big shoe fan (even though I wear big shoes), but I'll see if I can come up with something.


KD said...

What a great collection! I did a nursery for a client once who had an extensive collection of bears in fashion wear! It was fun. I have to say though Gunner wins hands down as the cutest!

marty39 said...

Gunner on that bear rug is just precious. Boy, you really do have a huge bear collection. They are all just wonderful. I love the costumes some of them have, especially the one from Germany. Great post. Hugs, Marty

Prescott family said...

Where do you keep all those bears? I don't remember seeing them or maybe I am just blind? I knew you had a lot of stuff but I didn't realize there was a theme as to what you had. Good thing we have this blog so I can appreciate all that you have!!! Mike is a keeper, Jamey would leave me if I had this much stuff.... :o)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Loved teh bears wearing hats but my favorite is the bear "rug". Your grandson is a cutie!

Langston Family said...

Kim, Where do you hide all this stuff? I never see any of this when I'm at your house. Eric

mbkatc230 said...

You have a great collection, I think my favorite bear is the one in the travel suitcase - so cute! Your Missy looks like she's adapting to your house well, what does SHE think of all the bears? But of course the cutest is your little Gunner on the bear rug! Great post. Kathy