Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tablescape Thursday Valentine's Day

If you are here for THEMED THURSDAY, click HERE to go to my post for Furry Friends Real or Faux. I am participating in 2 different blog parties today. So be sure to check them both out.

I've decided to once again participate in Tablescape Thursday. It used to be on Tuesday, but has now been moved to Thursday. If you want to see lots of beautifully set tables, hop on over to Between Naps on the Porch to see Susan's fabulous tablescape & find the list of all the other participants that you can visit as well.

Tablescaping can be so addicting & fun. I have lots of dishes, I just need napkins, placemats & tablecloths to go with them. So now I am on the hunt to find some new treasures.

This week I decided to do a Valentine's Day table. Now keep in mind that I decided to participate at the last minute (like 30 minutes before I was to leave for work this morning). So I didn't have time to really think about my presentation or take the best photos. But I am pretty happy with the result. Except for the fact that I don't have any white or pink cloth napkins, or any napkins that matched. Therefore, no napkins on my table. Oh no!!!! So cut me some slack on that one until I can find some I really like.

You can click on any photo to make it larger.

The dinner plates are made in Japan & don't have a maker on the bottom. I picked them all up at various thrift stores over the years. I did not buy them all at the same time. I've heard this pattern referred to as "Moss Rose". But I really don't know much about my plates other than the fact that I love them.
The salad plates have a scrolly edge where the dinner plates don't. But since they have basically the same pattern on them, they work. The silverware is my Oneida set. Somewhere I have a set of silverware that has a rose pattern that my Grandma gave to me when I graduated high school, which would actually go better with these plates, but I can't find them. They are in my garage cupboard somewhere & this morning I didn't have time to search for them. Maybe I'll find them for another post.

This is the backside of my centerpiece. I just broke the lid to this tea pot last month. I was heartbroken when it happened. But I decided that I could turn the tea pot into a vase. I got the green hydrangeas and the pink heart sticks at the Dollar Tree store.
Here is another view of my table. My tablecloth isn't actually a tablecloth. It is a lace curtain or drape. But it makes a fabulous tablecloth.
I've used these goblets & flutes before. But I did finally find a fourth goblet to complete my set at Goodwill last week. I was so happy. I had to pay $3.00 for it which is more than I would have liked, but hey, I now have 4 matching goblets. The Goodwill's out here in California are expensive. I never find the deals I hear all you other ladies find at Goodwill.
My centerpiece consists of a cake plate that I made using a china plate which matches the plates on the table and a big crystal candlestick holder. I placed my teapot with the flower arrangement (can't really call it an arrangement. I just stuck the flowers & heart sticks in & called it a day). The 2 cherubs are from my wedding three years ago. Then I placed 2 crystal candlesticks on either side. I'm happy with my centerpiece.

Here is a closeup view of my centerpiece. My cherub is sending kisses & good wishes your way.

So there you have my tablescape for Valentine's Day. I hope you liked it. If so, please leave me a comment. I promise I will try and find some napkins to use in my tablescape. As I do want to be prim and proper. But I am from California, we are a little more laid back. We do use napkins, usually they are just paper ones though.

Don't forget to go to Between Naps on the Porch to see all the other purty tablescapes.

Oh and I almost forgot. I am also participating in KD from Southern Whimsy's Themed Thursday as well. This weeks theme is "Furry friends real or faux". Click here and it will take you to my post and you can see my collection of teddy bears.

Thanks for looking!!!!



niartist said...

This is really great. Love the cherrubs and the hydrangeas! Great touch!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Loved your romantic table & loved reading bout your thrift finds. I'm a thrifty girl myself. ;o)

Linda said...

Pretty and soft, like the cherubs.
Great job!
Linda Q

Fifi Flowers said...

Pretty... LOVE cherubs!
ENJOY your day!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

You did an outstanding job on your table. I love the vintage with the new. Your centerpiece is wonderful as well as your china pieces. I hope you find your flatware. Too bad about the lid on your teapot, you sure put it to good use today.. Love it.. Thanks for swinging by to see Miss Kitty and Mr. Mouse.. we enjoyed your visit..hugs ~lynne~

A Hint of Home said...

I love your floral dishes and the little cherubs are so sweet.

Debbie @ said...

This is beautiful! Love those dishes with the roses on them. I love roses, and these are gorgeous. You did a wonderful job. blessings,

Cynthia said...

You did a wonderful job, I'm very inspired! I love bargains and I love vintage and you have it all. The cherubs and lace tablecloth are perfect! Cindy

Lynda said...

Oooh...what a pretty table! I love your teapot arrangement, but I know you must have been ill when the lid was broken. Have you tried Replacements, Ltd. to perhaps find a lid?

Penny said...

Love the cherubs and Hydrengeas!
The lace is lovely, too
Beautiful and romantic. Love it!

ceekay said...

What a great job and in a matter minutes! Love the teapot centerpiece!

prof en retraite said...

You did a great job...last minute or not!! I have not seen your plates before and will keep an eye out for them here! I really like them! Using your teapot for a vase and a drape for a tablecloth is very inventive...a very good quality for a tablescaper! It's addictive and can be expensive!! Great job...Debbie

Elaine said...

Wow, you did a great job and
on such short notice. I love your plates...they are just beautiful. I was admiring your tablecloth then I read it is really a curtain! It makes the table look so soft and romantic.
Elaine :)

salmagundi said...

I love the Moss Rose dishes - they really compliment each other. Beautiful, romantic table for V Day. Sally

Bobbi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a friend who collects bears. I love all your dishes. I found some dishes I had been wanting for a long time and found them at goodwill. Your table settings are beautiful eye candy.

xinex said...

I love those cherubs! Your plates and crystals are beautiful and how nice that you are able to complete the set little by little...Christine

DEB said...

Very pretty tablescape. Good job!

Charlene said...

Valentine's is in the air at your house too. Pretty table. Thanks for stopping in to see me too. We both had the LOVE THEME going!

Maryrose said...

Loved your romantic table. I love anything with a rose on it and your cherubs were perfect. Thank you for sharing. Maryrose

Glenda said...

The statuary you used is just perfect for the theme of your table. Nothing is more appropriate than your rose patterned china.

So glad you were able to repurpose the teapot. It is gorgeous. Don't worry about napkins until you find the ones that are really tugging at you to carry them home. Love the different table covering. It looks perfect. The entire table is beautifully presented.

Prescott family said...

Do you actually eat on all these table settings? I don't think you have ever eaten at this table have you? Except when you have gatherings.... very pretty. I still wonder where you keep all this stuff!

Kathleen Ellis said...

LOVE-ly! I love those rose dishes...they would work quite nicely on my table as well! I love your centerpiece...not so bad for throwing it together before you left for work!!! I can only imagine what great things you'll come up with when you plan it!
Great job!
Thanks for stopping by & your nice comment!
Have a happy weekend!

The Norwegian said...

I hope you find the silver pattern with the rose that was your Grandmother's! Loved reading that you got that 4th goblet. Worth it.
The lace panel works beautifully as a tablecloth. I am often picking up sheets at GoodWill to use as a tablecloth...adds to one's table wardrobe. Your china plates are just beautiful.

Lady Katherine said...

I just love hydrangeas! I am rooting some and hope hope hope they live! lol I love your plates so much!!! The teapot is my heart! Oh I am so sorry the lid got broken, keep an eye out you might find a lid on ebay. I love your stemware the fluted is wonderful. I wish I had your dishes, teapot, and fluted stemware for I just love it!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Kim...the little cherubs are soooo cute...and I love the lacey tablecloth and the teapot used for the flowers...creative and beautiful! Love your china...can't believe you put this all together last minute! Very pretty! Susan