Sunday, February 8, 2009


Howdy all, this is Eric, we just got home from church and it is raining pretty hard here in Hemet.
We were going to go riding out in the desert yesterday, but it rained most of the day. I used to hate the rain, but now I love it when it rains. I hope everyone is doing fine!! I have to go now, but have a good day all!! Talk to you later.

Love, The Langston's


marty39 said...

I like the rain too. It started here in Az. last night and then sprinkled most of the morning, but the sun is out now and it smells so fresh and clean and cool. Hope your day is a super one. Hugs, Marty

Kim Chalfant said...

It only rained a little bit at our house. Funny how we can live 15 minutes away & have totally different weather.

Love the rain though!!!

Emily said...

Hey's Emily!
I was cruising the blog and read your comment about 'riding in the desert'. I didn't know you do that too! We go camping in Cal City or Dove Springs about once a month and dirt bike ride. Where do you go? Do you camp too or is it day trips? We are planning on going again the weekend of Mar 13-15. Maybe sometime we could hook up. Lemme know!!

Langston Family said...

Hey Emily, it's Eric...
We go riding as often as we can, but our lives are so busy, sometimes it doesn't happen every month like I would like. Cade and I go camping every month with his scout troop, so I see the outdoors alot. Last weekend we went to Idylwild and camped and played in the snow. Maybe we can hook up sometime and go riding.