Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Fun

On Sunday, Eric's family came over to watch the Super Bowl with my family. Jeannette & Taylor didn't come. Jeannette couldn't pass up the opportunity to be at home alone (well pretty much alone). Taylor had tons of homework to do, so she didn't come. How much homework did you actually get done Taylor? I'll bet not much. We missed you guys.

Eric brought chips & dip, carrot sticks, candy and sodas. I made guacamole, salsa, nacho cheese & pizza. Jesse made hot chicken fingers and some mild ones for Eric & me (we are the wimps of the family). Everyone else wanted them HOT, HOT.

Mike made some very manly recipe called "Bacon Explosion". He found the recipe on someones blog through ebay of all places. If you are interested, you can get the recipe & instructions on how to make it at http://www.bbqaddicts.com/bacon-explosion.html. I personally didn't think it sounded very good. I could just feel my arteries clogging up just hearing about what it was made from. Mike has been wanting to make this for a month or more, and figured this was the right opportunity.

You start off laying part of your bacon in a basket weave. I had to help Mike with this part.

You then sprinkle on some BBQ rub on the bacon. We have some rub we bought from Sam's Club that is pretty good. Then you take about 2 lbs of Italian sausage & make a huge square patty to lay over the bacon basket weave. You cook up the rest of the bacon & break it up into small pieces & sprinkle over the sausage. Then you sprinkle more rub & layer on BBQ sauce.
You then roll up the sausage concoction into a roll.
Be sure to pinch all the edges to seal in the bacon pieces & sauce inside.
Finally you roll up the bacon around the sausage roll. Put it in your smoker (you could do this in your regular oven as well I imagine) and cook till internal temp is 160 degrees. I think that is what Mike told me.

This is what it looks like when it is all done. Doesn't it look good? Can't you feel your arteries already clogging up? It was actually quite tasty. Needs some potatoes to go with it though. So if I die of a heart attack in the next week, this is the reason why. Here is Jesse frying up his delicious & very hot chicken fingers.

The chicken fingers right out of the fryer & before he covers them with sauce. Jesse loves making hot wings or chicken fingers. The finished product. Don't they look good? I know you want some. The mild ones (BBQ sauce only with no hot sauce) were just right for Eric and me. Everyone else loved the hot ones. The hotter the better. Well, not quite. Jesse even made a batch that was almost too hot for him.
Here is the table with the snacky foods. I guess I should have taken the photo before everyone started eating. But I didn't want to get trampled in their quest for food.

Brandon, Eric & Danica watching the commercials during the Super Bowl in our living room (I call it the living room, but everyone else in my family calls it the front room). Danica only came in to see the commercials. My favorite commercial was the one by Jack in the Box (see post from Sunday). I also loved the Doritos commercial with the "Crystal Ball".

Jase didn't watch the Super Bowl. He spent most of his time in Brandon's bedroom playing X Box games.
Danica, Jesse & Cade in our family room watching some Ghost Chasers show. I call this room the family room & everyone else calls it the living room. We used to watch TV in this room when we first moved in (until we got our better TV in the living room), so we were in this room more often. That is why they (my family) still call it the living room as they feel we spent more time living in this room than the other. Have I confused you? I know my family is always confused when I'm talking about one of these rooms. I usually end up having to say the front room or room by the front door & this room is the room by the pool.
Mike, Brandon & Eric watching the game. I spent my time watching the game as well, but did not take a photo of myself this time. I know you are all so upset by that.
In case you were wondering, we were rooting for the Arizona Cardinals. Too bad they lost!!! They were their own worst enemies. Good thing I didn't video tape our watching the game. Eric & I can get quite vocal during football games. You should see us during Charger games. Lets just say that we can both speak "French" quite fluently during football games.

After the game we had pizza. It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno's. They make a pretty good pizza (said in my finest Italian accent including hand gestures). I had originally planned on baking the pizza at the start of the game. But everyone was so full from the snacky items, not to mention the Bacon Explosion and hot chicken fingers, that I didn't cook the pizza until after the game. Everyone was still pretty much full, so I only had to cook half the pizzas that I had planned.
Here is Cade getting his pizza.
It was a fun filled day spent with family. Wish you all could have been there. Maybe next year.

Did you watch the Super Bowl? What team were you rooting for? Where did you watch it? What did you have to eat? What was your favorite commercial? Put your responses in comments or make your own post.


Your Momma Somma said...

Drool, drool, slobber. The bacon explosion looks yummy. I showed Ian and he thinks we should do the same thing with meatloaf! Thanks for the play by play pictures.

marty39 said...

Your menu looks sooooo good. We watched at home with our son. Also were hoping the Cardinals would win. Too bad they lost. We had wings, breaded cheese stick, huge deli sandwiches and lots of chips and nuts. Ate way too much. Hugs, Marty

Prescott family said...

This post made my mouth water!! I did feel my arteries clogging just looking at that bacon thing... We didn't watch the game, although I was rooting for the Cardinals too. Too bad they didn't win. We turned it on at half time but didn't watch more than that old guy singing Ha ha - I even missed the commercials!! Oh well...

Langston Family said...

Kim, We had alot of fun at your house for the Superbowl Game. I think I gained 5 pounds. The kids enjoyed themselves too. To bad my french is so bad!!! We love your family very much Kim!! I still have candy in my truck from Sunday. See ya!!1 Eric