Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What is your LOVE song?

With Valentine's Day coming up in a few days, it got me to thinking about love. Imagine that? Love is one of the most powerful emotion or feeling. And what can evoke emotion or feeling more than music? So it got me to thinking about love songs. More specifically, a love song that is special to you & your hunny. You know, "Our Song". Do you have one?

Mike & I kind of do. We don't have an official "Our Song", but we do have one specific song that we played at our wedding that says exactly what we were feeling at the time & still feel to this day (all be it 3 years later). It is Amazed by Lonestar.

Then we have a few songs that remind me of when we started dating back in 1996. "To Be Loved By You" by Wynonna is one of my favorites. Then there is "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden. And I can't forget "I Love You Always Forever" by Donna Lewis. These 3 songs bring back wonderful memories of when Mike & I first fell in love.

And one of my all time favorite love songs from the 70's is "Always and Forever" by Heatwave. Even though the song is "before Mike", it still sings to my soul on how I feel about him. It will always be a classic.

So, do you have an "Our Song"? It doesn't have to be an official "Our Song", but a song that reminds you of when you fell in love with your hunny. Or a song from when you got married. Or it could be a current song that states exactly what you feel for your hunny right at this moment.

I have added a playlist to the side bar with my favorite "Our Songs" for Mike & me. I want you to post your own "Our Songs" or leave a comment with your songs & I will add them to the Playlist to play until this Sunday.

It will be fun to see what songs remind us of our "someone special". Plus you get the added benefit of thinking loving thoughts about your hunny & remind yourself of when you "fell in love". What better way to get us in the mood for Valentine's Day.



Langston Family said...

We don't havbe a song, because mine would be "Whole lotta love" by Led Zeppelin, and Jeannette's would be anything country. Eric

Katie and Seth said...

The "Love Song" that Seth and I share is "You and Me" by Life House. We deemed it "our song" while we were dating and then danced to it for our first dance at our wedding! It has become a pretty special song for us! Thank you Kim for sharing the other love songs with us! It does get me into the valentine spirit!

Rose Haven said...


I'm glad someone besides me remembers HEATWAVE and Always and Forever! That's been one of my favorite songs, too!

You know what? I NEVER liked or drank tea, until I tried a Blackberry Loose-Leaf Tea. Then, I got hooked. Ever tried Loose-Leaf Tea? If not, give it a try. I'm also hooked on the whole idea of "doing" tea. The making and serving and drinking of it.


Kim Chalfant said...

Mike asked me to add 1,2,3,4 by Plain White T's to the "Our Song" list. He just heard this song for the first time today & loved it. He said he thought of me when he heard it. Isn't that sweet?

I also added Eric's song & Katie's song to the playlist.

Anyone else have a song?