Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Vacation 2009 - Cave Creek

This is for Wednesday August 19th. We are still here at Cave Creek Arizona. It has been over 100+ degrees and it's HHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT!!!! There is supposed to be a a storm on Friday with rain and thunderstorms. Yesterday, we Mom and I went shopping at Lane Bryant and Kohls and brought back lunch from Jack in the Box for us and Dad and Brandon.

After we came home we hung out and watched TV and play Dominoes again.

Kim and Mike fixed chicken and beef enchiladas for dinner. It was really good. Mike and Jessie played pool and the rec center. After they came back we all played Dominoes together (except Jessie he was on the phone with his girl friend).

Today is Thursday and it's even hotter today. The humidity is higher today and it is still hot. Mom and I went shopping here in Cave Creek and purchased some sandles from a local leather shop that is going out of business. We also purchased some wind chimes.

Then we got some Indian Fry Bread Tacos from a little hole in the wall. They were really good.

Kim, Mike and Jessie are shopping at some antique stores here in Phoenix. I'm not sure what we are doing later today.

Brandon wants to go on a walk later this evening and take some pictures.



Prescott family said...

Saddles? You bought saddles? What in the world for? Did you also purchase a horse that you didn't blog about? Just curious what the story is.... just because they were on sale doesn't mean you have to buy them!! I can't wait to hear this one.

Jodi said...

Sandles, we purchased Sandles. All thought a saddle would have been more interesting. But we wouldn't have had room to bring it home.