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National Parks Vacation 2000: Days 5 & 6

Welcome to days 5 & 6 of our family vacation from 2000. Today we visit temple square in Salt Lake City, have a visit with my brother Todd's family and take a peek at my Grandparents old house. Then we continue on our road trip with a short stop to see Cove Fort & then on to Bryce Canyon. If you want to see where we have already been you can find days 1 & 2 by clicking here. Days 3 & 4 by clicking here.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you in yesterdays post that the other family that went with us (Mike niece Jamee's family) left to go home after we went to Arches National Park. So for the rest of our vacation it was just my family (minus Jesse). Jesse wasn't with us on this vacation as he was living with his mom at the time & couldn't go.

Friday, August 25, 2000:
Brandon is spending the day with his dad. The rest of us will be visiting Temple square and other places in SLC. This is our full day in northern Utah. Same hotel, same place. Not much driving today :)

a day in salt lake city

Temple Square: This beautifully landscaped 10-acre plot of ground in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City is one of Utah's most visited attractions. Centerpiece of the Square is the 6-spired granite Salt Lake Temple, and adjacent to this imposing edifice is the domed Tabernacle , home of the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the great Tabernacle organ.

Two visitors' centers with interactive videos, films, Old and New Testament paintings, and an 11-foot replica of Thorvaldsen's Christus are additional attractions.

Enjoy a free concert in the Assembly, a charming Gothic-style building on the southwest corner of Temple Square. International and local artists perform every weekend and some weekdays.

View the Mormon Handcart statue, the Seagull Monument, and other statuary and fountains throughout the lush flower-filled grounds.

Today's Photos:

Salt Lake City

Brandan (Mike's son) & Kim in front of the new Conference Center in SLC. Across from temple square.

Across the street from Temple Square is the Museum of Church History and Art that we visited. They had a display of quilts. This was my favorite one.

Salt Lake Temple

Kim & Brandan standing in front of the Seagull Monument & the Assembly Hall in Temple Square

11 foot marble statue of Christ at the north visitors center at Temple Square

The organ pipes in the tabernacle

Saturday, August 26, 2000:
We head south. Today our point of interest is Bryce Canyon. None of us have been to this national park, so we are all in for something new. Bryce Canyon can basically be summarized as a "Utah version of the Grand Canyon". Tonight we are staying in a motel called the Brandon Motel, which is located in Kanab, Utah (right near the Arizona border).

Today's map - Salt Lake City, UT to Kanab, UT

Today's Photos:

Grandma Manning's old house

We had to drive by Grandma & Grandpa Manning's old house. It doesn't look much like it did when they lived there. It looks so run down. And I don't like the fence.

What happened to all the fruit trees on the side. Grandma would roll over in her grave if she saw how her house looks now.

Todd and Cathy's family:

Todd & his youngest daughter Erin Grace

Todd's kids: Tyler, Colin, Mari, Julianna, Erin Grace & Daniella

Cove Fort, Utah

Cove Fort is located immediately northeast of the junction of I-15 and I-70, in the southeast corner of Millard County, twenty miles south of Kanosh and twenty-four miles north of Beaver.

The fort was built to offer protection and refreshment to the traveler. Beginning in 1847, pioneers began settling the high mountain valleys stretching from Idaho to California. They came here to worship in peace and to build homes and communities. The fort is made of lava rock, which workers hauled from west of the property. The fort is 100 square feet, 18.5 feet tall, 4 feet thick at the footings and 2.5 feet thick at the top.

In 1867, the prophet Brigham Young called Ira Hinckley and his family to come and direct the building and operations of the fort.

Cove Fort has been restored to bring the past a little bit more to life. This is the only fort built by the Latter-day Saints in the 1800's that still stands.

Front of the fort.

We had a thunderstorm while visiting.

Inside one of the rooms.

The blacksmith shop out back.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Kim, Brandon & Brandan at Bryce Canyon


Kim & Mike in jail. Please come bail us out!

Ride 'em cowboy!

Which way did he go?

Did you know that I lived for 8 years in Utah back in the late early 80's? But this was the first time I had ever been to Cove Fort or Bryce Canyon in Utah. We really enjoyed both.

Tomorrow we end our National Park vacation by visiting the Grand Canyon again. This time it's the north rim. Did you know that there are 2 different rims to visit? We will also go to Zion National Park. And then we will end up in Las Vegas. So be sure to check back tomorrow.


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