Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad & Gunner myspace graphic comments

Today is not only my Dad's birthday, but it is also my grandson Gunner's birthday. Dad is 78 years old & Gunner is 2 years old today.

Dad has been in Utah for the past week & is now in Arizona. We will see him tomorrow when we meet up with them.

Yesterday we were down in Lakeside to attend Gunner's 2nd birthday party. That kid has more energy than anyone I've seen. It was hard getting any good photos of him as he doesn't sit still for more than a second or two. He never would let us pick him up and snuggle or give him a kiss.

Here are some photos from Gunner's 2nd birthday party.

I didn't realize when I took this photo that the balloon was in the perfect position.

Isn't he cute?
Gunner & his daddy Brandan (Mike's oldest son)

Grandpa Mike trying to give Gunner some lovin'. He wasn't having any of it.

Gunner's 2nd birthday cake. He loves cars and trains.

He was more interested in the car on the cake than the cake.

Gunner & some of his birthday gifts. Thomas the train train set, a Thomas the train video & a Winnie the Pooh gardening set.

Happy birthday Dad!!!

Happy birthday Gunner!!!

We love you both.

Kim aka: Grammy

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