Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Vacation 2009

Today is the first day of our vacation at Snowbird Utah. We left yesterday morning at 11:00am and drove to Sun City to pick up Brandon. We then drove to St. George Utah and spent the night at a Best Western Hotel. We left there this morning about 10:00 am after having Breakfast at Jack In The Box (since this is Mom's favorite food to eat and they don't have any up here in Northern Utah. After we ate breakfast we drove and visited with Todd and Mari at his house in Cedar Hills Utah. They are planning on coming and visiting us on Tuesday. When we got up here this evening the temperature was 53 degrees and it's 43 degrees right now. Talk about the extreme in temperatures. It was in the 90's when we left home.

Tomorrow morning Brandon and I are up to go to church at 9:00am over at the Snowbird Center. It will probably be cold tomorrow when we go to church and we have to walk over to the Snowbird center. After we go to church we will come back to our room which is on the 10th and 11th floor of the resort. It only has 11 floors. We will eat breakfast with Mom and Dad and then we will go to Salt Lake City and meet with Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Clark and have dinner with them. Tomorrow is the only day they can get together with us.

Anyway, in our room we have a view of the Mountain and the Salt Lake Valley. It is really COOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDD up here. It should warm us in the next couple of days. It has been fun. We played Dominoes tonight and Brandon beat all three of us. Beginners luck. Anyway I will add more to our adventure tomorrow. And will post some pictures tomorrow.

This is a picture out of the side window of the Truck.

This is another picture out of the back window of the truck.
Good Night for Now!!!!!!!!!



Kim said...

Have fun!!! Try & stay warm.

Kira said...

FUN Trip! You guys are not to far away from us. We live just south of Provo. The cold weather just came in this past few days. Before then it was in the upper 90s. I am sure it will get back up there this next week. Enjoy SLC!!