Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor

Today is Taylor's 19th birthday. Taylor is Eric & Jeannette's third child and second daughter. I love having Taylor as my niece. She is so sweet and a blast to hang out with. Not to mention cute & very talented.

We went to Eric's house Sunday night for cake & ice cream to celebrate Taylor's birthday. Some of Taylor's friends were there as well. Danica made the cakes. Taylor loves Coraline, so the cakes had to reflect that. And we had chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (my favorite).

Here are some of the photos taken on Sunday:
Danica said the tree was suppose to go on the black cake but it ended up being too big. The white cake is suppose to be a button (I had to ask as I had no clue. I've never seen the movie).

Here is the birthday girl Taylor with her mommy (Jeannette).

Taylor poses with her cakes. Did you notice that her shirt has Coraline on it?

Tea light candles were used instead of regular birthday candles. 19 candles in all.

Taylor & Ashley

Taylor and her friends. I can't remember all their names. Sorry!!!

Taylor, Cade and friends. (Sorry but I don't remember their friends names)

The frosting on one of the cakes was black & made every one's teeth, tongue and lips black. Here is Taylor & her friend Ashley showing off their black teeth.

Happy birthday Taylor!!!!

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