Friday, August 21, 2009


Today is Kim's birthday. Kim is my mom's (Marti) cousin! Kim is wonderful. She works so hard on this blog keeping us all connected as a family. We hope Kim has a wonderful birthday! Kim is turning 29 again, and doesn't she look great!


Kim said...

Thanks Kira!!! That was sweet of you to post a happy birthday to me on the family blog.

Jodi said...

Kim happy birthday your 51 today!!!!

Prescott family said...

Happy Birthday Kim!! You are the best sister a girl could ask for. Unlike Jodi who posts your actual age... you would think she would know better! :o) I'm glad Kira got to the blog before you, I didn't want you to have to blog it yourself. I hope you are having a wonderfully relaxing vacation & the year ahead is a good one. You definately deserve it!! Love you!!

Dee Dee said...

I hope your day was great! That was wonderful you didn't have to post about your own birthday:) It's been so fun reading your blog and about your family's life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!