Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy 18th birthday Mari

REVISED!!!! Todd provided me with updated photos of Mari & Julianna which I have now posted.

Today Mari is 18 years old. Happy birthday to you!!!! You have grown into a beautiful young woman. I wish we lived closer so we could know you better & you could know us better.

I wasn't sure if Mari was turning 18 today. I was pretty sure she was born the same year as Zak, Taylor & Jesse and they all turned or are turning 18 this year. I called Mom & she said yes, Mari is 18 today.

I hope you enjoy your birthday & enjoy your new job.

Todd tells me that Mari left for school at 6am this morning. He picked her up at 4pm & took her to work. She doesn't get off work today until 10pm. Not a great way to spend your 18th birthday. Hope you get to celebrate it this weekend!!!

This photo is of Mari. Todd thinks the next 5 photos are from about 6 months ago. He said Mari has had her braces off for about 3 months.

The next 3 photos are of Mari & Julianna. Mari is wearing pink.

Older photos of Mari

These 2 photos of Mari were taken at our wedding on 06/03/06. Mari lit the floating candles for our pool.
The last 3 photos were taken in Snowbird, Ut in Aug 2005.

Here is Mari starting the climb up the rock wall in Snowbird.

That is Mari at the top of the rock wall. It was high up. We had to crane our necks just to get a glimpse of her.
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