Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

After searching my pictures, I realized that we don't have very many of just the two of us... there's always these 4 boys trying to get in on the pictures. Good thing they are so good looking!
No matter how hard I try to get a good/serious picture of us, it just doesn't happen!

So, today is Jamey & my 21st wedding anniversary! Can you believe it has been 21 years? I can't! It sure has gone by quickly, seems like yesterday we were just teenagers newly in love & dating.... who would have thought that 4 sons, lots of exciting events & 21 years later - we are still together. I must say though, it has been the best 21 (26 if you count our years together before we were married) of my life! Jamey truly is my best friend & I love him more & more every day. I know there were some people (won't name any names) who said that our marriage wouldn't last 6 months (or was it 6 weeks?)... I should have gotten in on that bet! Actually, that little wager made us only work harder at being happily married. Not to say we haven't had hard times, but I think that sometimes the hard times make the good times SO much better. The day I married Jamey I never thought that it could get any better, but it has. More than I could ever imagine!
So Jamey, here's to another 21 wonderful years (actually more since we are so young :o). You are the one I look forward to seeing everyday (the kids are a close second) & miss you terribly when you are out of town. I am happy that we found each other & become such good friends (besides everything else)... You make me the happiest girl around! Thank you for all that you do for me - your actions speak louder than words! Happy Anniversary baby, I love you!!


Kim Chalfant said...

Happy Anniversary Andrea & Jamey. I knew you got married in October but I thought it was on the 17th. My memory isn't so good.

I am happy that you proved all of us wrong. Jamey is a good father & dad. You couldn't have done any better.

Too bad Jamey isn't in town to celebrate with you. He owes you big time when he gets back.

Love you both!!!


Prescott family said...

Thank goodness for two great girlfriends! They took me out to celebrate our anniversary since Jamey couldn't. Thanks Laura & Angie for a fun night out, you are the best!! (next to Jamey - ha ha).

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

Great pics! Happy Anniversary. I think humor is part of making it last! :-)