Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Noah's spending money at weekend event $10.00
Price of Raffle Ticket $2.00
Look on Noah's face when he won a brand new surfboard with just one raffle ticket:

This weekend we met up with Jamey in Orange County at the Etnies Skatepark for the Goofy Vs. Regular contest. It's a big event - in fact the city closes down a whole street for vendors, food & fun. Noah happened to buy 1 raffle ticket at one of the booths that was giving away a brand new surfboard. I thought there was no way he was going to win with just one raffle ticket! To my surprise when I saw Noah walking towards me with it in his arms! He won!! The kid is my good luck charm from now on!! I wish I had my camera at the time because the look on his face truly was priceless!

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Kim Chalfant said...

Way to go Noah!!!!! Do you already know how to surf? I see many a trip to the beach now. Too bad summer is over.

Aunt Kim