Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday Show and Tell-Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up in a few weeks and what better way to get us in the mood then to reminisce about past Halloweens. This week you are suppose to be posting photos of you or your kids in Halloween costumes. I went through my small stash of photos & this is what I found.

Brandon was 3 or 4 when he was a dinosaur. Jodi made his costume. Isn't he cute? We were living in Utah at the time & it was really cold on Halloween. I think a few of the nieces and/or nephews wore this costume in following Halloweens.

Danica was 3 when she was a clown. The funny thing about Danica being a clown was that she was scared to death of clowns. She freaked out when she saw herself in the mirror dressed as a clown. It almost ruined Halloween.

This was the same Halloween. Brandon was 5. We were living with Eric's family at the time as I was their nanny for a year. Brandon wanted to be a bat.

These photos are the year that Brandon was a dragonfly. I'm not sure how old he was. If you remember, when Brandon was a kid, he was OBSESSED with insects. He really wanted to be a dragonfly this particular Halloween. But you can't go down to the store & buy a dragon fly costume or buy a pattern for one (at least back in then you couldn't, not sure you can now either). So I had to make one up. I think I did a pretty good job, don't you agree?
The wings were covered in an iridescent paper. Brandon loved his costume.

I think Brandon was a tiger in the first grade. Jodi made his costume this year.

Brandon was 11 years old when he was a tourist. This was the easiest costume ever!!!! Jodi was a tiger. She worked for Tiger Reprographics & this was their mascot costume. I was a scarecrow.
Brandon & Jodi in front of Mom & Dad's front door.

Me & Brandon

I don't think this was actually a Halloween costume. I think it was when Brandon dressed up for Pioneer Day for a primary activity. But he was so cute, I had to include it.

This is a photo of Zak. It wasn't a Halloween photo either. Brandon & I had gone to the Natural History Museum with Andrea's family & they had these butterfly costumes to try on & pretend you were a butterfly. It was super funny when Zak's pants fell down. Of course I had to take a picture & of course I had to include it today.

I don't have any photos of the other nieces & nephews in Halloween costumes. I'm hoping Jodi or someone else will post those. I also couldn't find any photos of Brandon when he was a praying mantis & an eagle. Jodi should have photos, so maybe she will post them. I need copies. They were cute costumes that I made up.

Brandon usually always wanted to be something quite unusual. It was always fun trying to figure out a way to make his costume without a pattern. I think he won first place in the costume contest at school every year except for one because of his unusual costumes.

I also couldn't find any other photos of me dressed up for Halloween. I haven't been able to find most of my photo albums since we moved to our house. They are probably in a box somewhere in our garage or attic. Maybe someday I will find them.

If you can't get your photos posted today, you can still post them all week. Remember, there are no rules to this blog. I just thought it would be fun to show and tell once a week. But you can do it whenever.

The best part about posting old photos is that it gives you a reason to scan old photos into the computer so that they are preserved. I've noticed that alot of my older photos have really degraded in quality almost to where all the color has disappeared. Mostly photos from the 70's. I guess the film processing really sucked from that time period. But if you scan old photos into the computer, you have a copy forever that hopefully won't get any worse.

Well there you have it, my Halloween costume photos. Next week I want everyone to post photos of your Halloween or fall decorating around your home. Can be outside, inside or both.


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Prescott family said...

I laughed so hard when I saw that picture of Zak... believe it or not but I remember that like it was yesterday! Good times....

Kim Chalfant said...

That is why I had to include the photo even though it wasn't actually Halloween. It was too dang funny not to include.

We love you Zak!!!