Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Show and Tell-Halloween costumes PART 2

Jodi emailed me the following Halloween photos of Andrea's kids. She didn't want to post her own blog with the photos so she asked me to do it for her.

This is Zak dressed as a bum for Halloween in 2003.

Andrea's kids: Zak, Nate, Simon & Noah (Peter Pan) . Halloween 2003

Halloween 2003: Nate dressed as ? Andrea wasn't sure what Nate was dressed as. Any ideas?

Halloween 2003: Simon dressed as a nerd.

Halloween 2005: Noah dressed as Star Wars character. Not sure which one. Noah, who are you suppose to be?

Halloween 2005: Noah & Simon

Halloween 2005: Simon dressed as the "Flash". I thought this was Nate, but Jodi said it was Simon. I emailed the photos to Andrea & she confirmed that it was Simon.

I may have more photos to post throughout the week. It depends if Jodi and/or Andrea email some more to me.



Prescott family said...

I looked on my computer to see if I had any more recent Halloween pictures but I don't. I always forget to take pictures so if you get anymore you will have to get them from Jodi. Sorry!

Jodi said...

Nice pictures.