Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The bunnies are taking over!!!

Whoo hoo!! It's bunny on a stick day!!! And what is bunny on a stick day? It's the day we all get to show off our bunny or in my case, bunnies on a stick. I'll bet Pier 1 never thought that their bunny on a stick would get his or her own day in blogland. But thanks to Barb over at Grits and Glamour, a special day has been set aside just for these special little bunnies. So if you want to see how the bunny in a stick is popping up all over blogland, hop on over to Barb's blog to see the list of participants.

Now that I have taken care of business, it's time for the show to begin. I had been seeing the Pier 1 bunny on the stick on almost every blog that I visited in the past month. Last week I decided I needed this bunny on the stick. Notice it became a need and not a want. I have my priorities straight. So I hopped on over to Pier 1 to see if they had any left. I figured they wouldn't as Easter was only a few weeks away (my hubby would say that I think too negatively). But as soon as I walked in the door of my local Pier 1, the clouds parted, the angels started singing & the sun shown down on the basket full of these fabulous bunnies. There they were in all their special glory. It was my lucky day, they still had quite a few bunnies. I was in heaven (I told you the angels were singing). So I picked out 2 bunnies, paid the man at the register and skipped all the way home. Ok, ok, I didn't skip home, I had to drive, but you get the picture.

I had great plans for my special bunnies. But anyone who knows me, knows that I am a procrastinator. I always make fabulous plans, but they never seem to get done. So I did want any procrastinator would do. I just stuck my bunnies in some pitchers on top of my china hutch and called it a day.

But then you know about bunnies, they started multiplying & before long, I had a house full of not only bunnies on the stick, but bunnies, period!!!

So the bunnies are taking over!!!! Take a look for yourself.

This first bunny is sitting on top of my china hutch in a pitcher of faux roses. Then we have a bunny pail, with a bear dressed up as a bunny. Everyone wanted to get in on the bunnyiness going on in my house.

Here is another bunny on a stick on my china hutch. And a Bethany Lowe bunny diorama.
Another bunny on a stick showed up on my table as well as his cousin the moss bunny from Michael's.
Then another bunny on a stick hopped over to my heart topiary. He figured he could hide out here as he was the same color as the plant. But he couldn't fool me, I spotted him right away.
Luckily I separated the bunnies on the stick before they could multiply anymore, but I didn't stop the other bunnies from multiplying. Here are 3 I found outside on my front porch. These 3 bunnies were originally grey and from the 99 cent only store, but I painted them white. I love the bunny toile they are sitting on.
This sweet bunny is a windsock. She is also out on my porch.
And even a special bunny to welcome you to our home.
Here are the other bunnies on my china hutch. The small green bunny is from Target. The bunny box came from Sees candy years ago.
This bunny creamer came from Home Goods this year.
The cream bunny is from Target and the bunny egg holder is from Home Goods.
This bunny was from a thrift store.
Another thrift store bunny.
Here is bunny central.
Bunny box from Home Goods.
Cloche I won from ebay. The bunnies came unglued in transit & were upside down, but I was able to shake them around until they landed right side up & in their right spot. This was hard to do without breaking the glass. I bought 2 of these cloches, but the other one with the lamb came broke. I ended up breaking off all the glass on that one & putting it under another glass cloche that I had.
Thrift store bunny & basket. I love the Bordallo bunny plates.
Bunnies in my kitchen.
The only bunny in my living room. She came from the thrift store. I got smart & only put 1 bunny in here. That way she can't multiply.
Cement bunny on my mantle. Came from Ross this year.
I've had this little doll dressed as a bunny for years. Isn't she sweet?
My TJ Maxx foil bunnies.
The trunk in my family room. Lots of bunnies here.
I even captured one bunny in a jar. It's hard keeping track of all these bunnies!
This bunny says "Welcome Spring". I got it from ebay last year. I think it's from Bethany Lowe.
This bunny is actually a little creamer.
Bunny egg jar. I try to hide candy in here, but it keeps disappearing.

Bunny candlestick that I got from the thrift store. I have 2 of these. They will show up in tomorrow's Tablescape Thursday post.
My bunny plates from Home Goods that will also show up tomorrow. So be sure to come back tomorrow to see my Easter tablescape, take 2.
And finally we have the most special bunny. This is the bunny that I will be giving to my Grandson Gunner for Easter. Sshhh!! Don't tell him.
I hate to see what my house will look like next Easter. So thanks for visiting & don't you want to take a bunny or two with you? Then the bunnies will start taking over your home as well.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I like all your bunnies. My favorite is the one inside the ivy topiary.

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Girl - you got some bunny producing issues happening inside your home. :-D

Love, love, love them all. But I agree w/ Lisa - the one that made my heart go pitter patter was the one tucked into the ivy topiary. That one made me so "ahhhh!" I also love the pic of the hutch - Bunny Central. You have a wonderful collection. Thanks so much for stopping by and joining the party today. Blessings, Barb

ps - do u live in CO? I see mountains in your family pic - just wondering.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love them all. I think they are just so cute and I love all the wonderful vignettes you have them displayed in. Great job. Hugs, Marty

Lynda said...

Kim, I love your collection of bunnies! Do you display them year round, or just in the spring time?

Jen @ said...

Oh how cute! Your bunnies are all adorable! I never got one of those bunnies on a stick, but I have been hearing about them. Your home looks lovely!


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Wow! You have bunnies!! Beautiful. Glad you joined in the party!! Happy BoaS day!

Unknown said...

Girl you have a fertile bunch of bunnies, i think you win the award for the most bunnies in 1 den, is that what they call their houses?? OOps, not sure, but you know what I mean! Stop by to see my boas, Sue

Tee said...

Wow, that's a lot of bunnies! I think the foil ones from TJMaxx are my favorite.

Unknown said...

Kim, I stopped back by and became a follower of your blog. I read your bio and realized that your blog is exactly the kind of second blog I was thinking of starting one to help our extended family stay in contact. Can I ask does it work? Do others contribute? Do family members read it?? If you have time I would love to know. Thanks so much, Sue

Jodi said...

I think you have a multiplying bunny problem. You might want to get some professional help.

Just kidding!!! Where do you keep all of the stuff? You must have a veeeerrrryyyy full garage!

Kammy said...

Hello ! I am coming over to steal
your heart topiary and talk to the
bunnies about hmhmhm control - hee
hee, just kidding ! I love your Easter collection and can tell yo
do too ! ~ hugs, Kammy