Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome to "Sunday Favorites"

Welcome to the first "Sunday Favorites" meme hosted by the fabulous Chari at Happy to Design. Chari started this as a way for each of us bloggers to share our favorite posts from the past instead of having to think up a new one. Brilliant!!!! Plus it's a way to catch up on posts that we may have missed earlier or enjoy a repeat of one we love. And because it doesn't have to be about anything specific, you never know what you might find. Be sure to head on over to Chari's blog (after reading my post of course) by clicking here. You will be able to find all the other people participating in this new fun party. Plus you will get to read about Chari's beautiful Tea Bedroom. I love it!

Now most of my posts in the past few months have been about decorating or tablescaping. But before that I did write about random things that happened in my life. So today I thought I would repost about one particular day at work. I originally posted this on Nov 13, 2008. I hope you enjoy it.

Yesterday while I work I was given an award by a six year old. An award you say? How exciting!!! Well I was excited too when Joey (the six year old grandson of the woman I work with) announced in front of my desk that he was handing out an award to a winner.

That got my attention real fast. I got all excited to finally be recognized for something, anything, didn't care what it was for, just wanted an award. Something to justify my existence. I had visions of a gold statue with my name engraved on it. I was already thinking about my acceptance speech, when I said to him, "You are giving me an award?" He then looked at me & said "No, I'm giving my Grandma the award as she is a winner" and then he proceeded to walk over to his grandma's desk & hand her a piece of paper (the award) with his 6 year old gibberish written on it. I was crushed, my hopes had been dashed, my heart sank. Never mind that I wasn't going to be able to give my acceptance speech, I wasn't getting an award.

Then Lynne (Joey's grandma) says to him, "don't you think that Kim deserves an award too?". Joey said "Alright, I'll give her an award". He then came over to me & handed me the wrapping from a band aid & said "Here is your award". I got all excited again & said "I get a winner award too?" and then he said as only a six year old can say, "No, it's a loser award, you get a loser award". LOSER AWARD???? L-O-S-E-R. It felt like someone put there thumb & index finger in a "L" shape & put it up to their forehead to say, LOSER!!! Who in their right mind wants a loser award? What kind of acceptance speech can I give now? I'm not a loser, but a "loser" award was what I got.

A few minutes later (after Joey's grandma chastised him for giving me the loser award), he comes up & tells me he has another award for me. I said, "so I get a best person in the whole wide world award?". Joey looked at me intently & then grabbed the 2nd award out of my hand & went over to Brandon & said "Brandon, here is your award". So Brandon got the "best person in the whole wide world" award & not me. Stab me in the heart, why don't you.

Then Joey's ten year old sister Kelly brought me a piece of paper that she had typed up with the words "WINNER AWARD" with my name on it. I stuck my tongue out at Joey & said "See someone thinks I'm a winner, nananananana!!!!" This got Joey mad, he comes over to me & says that he wants the award Kelly had just given me. He didn't think I deserved a winner award so he was miffed that his sister had given me one. He tried to grab the award from me. I wouldn't let him have it. I finally had to sit on it to protect it. This got Joey madder.

When Joey realized that he wasn't getting the winner award back from me, he proceeded to tell me that it wasn't a winner award, but a wiener award. A wiener award? This kid obviously doesn't like me.

So there you have it, I was given an award, but it was not the award I had dreamed about receiving. I guess it was the award that Joey thought I deserved as he thought I was a sore loser when he gave his grandma the original award. It was pretty funny though seeing how upset Joey got when his sister gave me the winner award to make me feel better. You can't make kids fake what they don't feel. Maybe I should have tried bribing him? Maybe next time.


Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

You go Kim! Good way to show something to that 6yr old. We adults gotta keep reminding them who's boss.


This post was way too cute. You're a winner to me - for what that counts. Sorry I have no award but I do have the wrapper to a string cheese I just consumed. Ya' want it? :-D

Blessings, Barb

Vivienne said...

OK, I am howling! Maybe you can make some awards for the next time you see Joey...
The Most Obnoxious 6 Year Old Award
The Not Gonna Be Taller Than 4'11" Award
The You're Gonna Get Beat Up A Lot In Middle School Award

I think you and I might frequent the same sand-box.

I love how you sat on the award to keep him from getting it back! Priceless!

Marie Reed said...

That is a great idea for a meme! Wow!

marty39 said...

What a fun story. Loved it. Hugs, Marty

Chari said...

Ohhhhhh myyyyy gosh...Girlfriend, you're a hoot!!! I laughed till my ribs ache!!! You are absolutely right about the honesty of's brutal sometimes!!! Hehe!!! But I like Vivienne's comment and as you know...we, adults...have our ways of getting back at these brats...oops...I mean darling little children!!! Hehe!!! But...I do think that the little boy's sister is a gem! She obviously was sympathetic to your feelings...such a sweet thing for her to do!!! Barb, I too think you are a winner, my friend!!! I'm so glad that we met...I have really enjoyed the comraderie and all of our chats!!!

I'm just tickled pink that you decided to participate in "Sunday Favorites" and thank you so much for the sweet, sweet "mention" at the beginning of your post! I sure do appreciate that, my friend!!! Thanks again for sharing this sure put a giggle in my walk today!!! Hehehehe...

Love ya,

Happy To Be said...

GM Kim ...girl I am just dying here laughing about your award...those little brats at 6 what do they know...too are just the darnest thing..I loved how you sat on it..Laughs for the laugh this am I needed this...may you have a great Sunday my friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Melissa Miller said...

Ah Kim!

That was one mean little six year old.
You sure were nice to him about it.
You're a winner in my book my friend!

Have a blessed Sunday.
~Melissa :)

Cass @ That Old House said...

Ah, the Joeys of this world get their just desserts eventually. :-P This was SO funny; we've all encountered little kids like this.

My mother had a good comeback. If a child told her he didn't like her, she'd shake her head and say, "That's a shame, because I LOVE you..." and usually the kid would be repentant. But every once in awhile even she would meet the kid who'd answer, "too bad... I still hate you!"

My husband would say, "Joey, how old are you? 6? You want to see 7?"

thanks for the laugh!

Chandy said...

What a funny post! You're definitely a winner on how you handled that situation. LOL

imjacobsmom said...

This is a hoot! Joey sure is a quick little stinker. I think you handled that well. ~ Robyn