Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Show and Tell - Christmas Photos with Santa

This week we are all suppose to post our family photos with Santa. In looking through the photos that I can find, these are the ones I came up with.

Isn't Andrea so cute? How come she got all the looks? I think she was about 6 years old in this photo.

The Langston kids. We had performed a Christmas program for our parents. I would be 15, Eric 13, Jodi & Todd 11 & Andrea 6.

I was 17 years old this Christmas. I had a broken leg & was on crutches. You are never too old to tell Santa what you want for Christmas.
This was taken of my son Brandon when he was 2 years old. We were at mom & dads house. This was the best Santa ever.

Not sure how old Brandon is in this photo. My guess is 3 or 4. Not sure where it was taken either. Maybe at the ward Christmas party?
This is a photo of Danica (Eric's oldest daughter). She was 3 years old. Check out the look she is giving Santa. She is not real sure of him. I wouldn't be either.

This is photo taken at school. Not sure what the year was or how old Brandon was. I am terrible at putting dates & locations on photos. That is why I love digital photos.

Another photo taken at school that I have no idea on the time period. Go ahead, call me a bad mother. And to think I only had 1 child to keep track of this stuff.
Well there you have my trip down memory lane with my photos. I guess I never did get Brandon's picture taken with Santa at the mall. Too expensive. Just the freebie photos.

Next Monday you can post anything Christmas. It can be Christmas decorations, lights, your favorite Christmas memories, any old Christmas photos. Anything in regards to Christmas.

Hopefully I will remember to do the Friday Family Face this Friday. Check back daily as you never know what you may find.

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Prescott family said...

How'd you end up with all the old photos Kim??? I wanna know!!! Good memories, thanks for sharing. Good thing for the blog or I would have blocked the memory of that little tutu from my mind completely!!!