Monday, December 1, 2008


Here are some photos from Thanksgiving day at my house. We had 17 people (including Gunner). Mom, Dad & Jodi came up from El Cajon, as well as Jeannette's sister Laura who lives in El Cajon. Eric's family came from Hemet. Mike's son Brandan, his wife Crystal & our grandson Gunner came from Lakeside.

It was nice having everyone at our house to celebrate Thanksgiving. Andrea's family decided to stay home this year to celebrate by themselves as Jamey had been out of town all month & didn't want to spend more time traveling. They ended up having Thanksgiving with Jamey's brother's family. So they had family to spend the holiday with as well. But we missed them at our celebration. Not sure what Todd's family did. But since he lives in Utah, he said it was too far to come.

Luckily for me, Mike loves to cook Thanksgiving turkey & the stuffing. Mom & Dad provided the turkey. We picked it up from their house the Friday before Thanksgiving when we were down in El Cajon for a company party. This gave it time to thaw out in the fridge.

We got up pretty early on Thanksgiving to get the turkey & the stuffing ready. Mike loves to stuff the turkey. He also put together the green bean casserole. He messed up a bit when he put too much milk in it, but he ended up putting in more green beans & cream of mushroom soup to compensate for the mistake. We were afraid we were going to have too much of this but it ended up being a good thing he made the boo boo as there wasn't really much of the green bean casserole left over.

I cooked the mashed potatoes, the yams, the corn & broccoli as well as a green jello salad. You know the one with crushed pineapple, cottage cheese, whipped cream & nuts. This has been our traditional Thanksgiving salad since I can remember. Not sure if it started with Grandma Manning, but in our family, it is an annual tradition.

Jeannette brought a scrumptious tossed salad. Her sister Laura brought the rolls. Mike's son Brandan brought a ham that he had smoked. It was very tasty. It was definitely a hit. Mom & Dad brought pumpkin pies from Costco. Why make pumpkin pies when Costco makes the most tasty of pies.

Danica was going to bring funeral potatoes but she called me early Thanksgiving morning & said that she had forgotten about making them. Did I want her to go to the store & get the stuff to make them. I told her "no", we have enough food. She told me she had gone to see "Twilight" for the 5th time the night before & forgot totally about bringing the potatoes. I then told her "In that case, you better go to the store". Then I laughed & said I was joking. It would be alright, she can bring them for Christmas instead.

Everyone got to my house about noon. I had 3 tables set up for eating. Two in my kitchen/family room (6 at one table, 4 at the other) and one table in my living room for 6 people. The food I set up on my kitchen counters to serve buffet style. We ate about 3:30pm. The only problem was that I wasn't feeling up to snuff. So I didn't feel like eating much, which really was a bummer as I love Thanksgiving. I could only eat about 1/2 of what was on my plate.

I also had good intentions of taking photos of the food & the tables that were set. But I forgot about taking photos until dinner was pretty much over. So keep in mind when viewing the photos that we had all just eaten & were ready for naps. I also never got photos of Eric's two boys Jase & Cade. I guess by the time I was taking photos, they were in the back bedroom playing games.

Everyone left by 6pm. Brandan & Crystal still had to attend Thanksgiving at her mom's house back in El Cajon. It was so fun getting to have my grandson Gunner at our house. He loved that we had so many ceiling fans (the kid is obsessed with them). Everyone else loved holding him. He was pretty good at letting everyone hold him as he usually doesn't keep still very long. He only has to wear his head shaping helmet for 6 more weeks. Then he is finally done. He head is pretty much normal shape now. What a relief.

We had left overs this year as we didn't have as many people as we normally have. But that was a good thing. Except by Saturday my family was tired of Thanksgiving. I didn't really eat much of it as I didn't feel good all weekend. In fact, I slept all day Friday & Saturday. Yesterday I got up & tried putting away my Thanksgiving decorations, but I didn't have any energy. I hope I get felling better soon. I hope my sickness doesn't last over a month like Mike & Brandon's. Otherwise I won't get any Christmas decorating done.

So with being sick, I didn't do any Christmas shopping over the weekend. So I saved a bunch of money (not to mention, calories) this weekend. I'm going to do all my Christmas shopping over the Internet. The easiest way to shop. Well since today is cyber Monday, I better get to it.

I'm thankful for those who were able to share this Thanksgiving with us & that nothing major happened. The worse was the incident with the green bean casserole & that turned out to be a blessing in disguise & I forgot to put out the cranberry sauce. Oh well, I think Mom & I are the only ones that like it & I didn't miss it.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know Marti's was pretty stressful (check out her blog to see for yourself). Check out Andrea's Prescott family blog to see about hers as well. Hopefully no one who came to my house will get sick. If you do, I am sorry, but it is Mike & Brandon's fault!!

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